Author: Axel Röhr

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Axel is a music writer, a DJ, and a radio host. Since stepping on the 1’s and 2’s in 2008 it’s been one helluva ride for this house music lover. Gathering full momentum in the Finnish scene with his SMOOD duo, this northern dweller packed his bags and re-located in A’dam in 2014. Axel is known for a wide spanning view on everything with a 4/4 beat. His Dj-sets have been heard both in clubs and on the semi-national radio station Basso in FIN. With interests on both the current state of dance music as well as where it all came from, it was only natural for him to jump on the DHA bandwagon. Axel has a knack for discussing everything house, but also enjoys letting the music speak for itself. His writings are known to be as provocative as the cheeky house tunes that he plays whenever given the chance.

Mix #134 By Melon

Mix #134 is a gripping hour with Amsterdams very own DJ/producer, Melon. House music infused with folk, tribal rhythms, soulful vocals, and everything in between, this mix is a ride through musical landscapes. With the songs so skillfully knit together, this mix proves that Melon is a DJ with technical skills and a golden ear for music. Melon is a DJ, whose love for music shines through in everything he does. A DJ, producer and an avid record collector, his sets are known for spanning more than just one genre. The result of three decades of record collecting gives this man ... Read more

An All-Swedish, All-female Take Over Is Heading To Amsterdam

Amsterdams Bar117 will have the pleasure of hosting the first of hopefully many Høppa evenings, with a very special line up. Like the name of the night Femme de STHLM suggests, the decks will be taken over by a group of female DJ’s all hailing from the house and techno scene of Stockholm.  Sweden has always been among the leading nations when it comes to pushing the envelope in music. Their mainstream sensations are now world famous success stories, but what might have been less discussed is the fact that the country boasts a very interesting underground scene. To bring light to ... Read more

Full Premiere: WhoMadeWho – Right Track (Edu Imbernon Remix)

The full premiere of today is a remix by none other than Edu Imbernon. Twisting the WhoMadeWho original from a slower electronica tune into a a faster, yet subtly ambient house track, Edu Imbernon manages to capture the mood of the original by using the guitar riffs in just the right places. Teasing with the vocals until about halfway of the song before letting the lyrics truly kick in, this remix has proved to be one of those songs that you just have to listen to on repeat for days. Edu Imbernon has had quite the run during the last ... Read more

Exploited Is Launching A New Sublabel And It Sounds Fresh

The German house label Exploited, which is known for great releases and great parties alike, has announced the realease of a new sublabel, according to Mixmag. With Exploited being already known for bringing forward acts like Claptone, Adana Twins and Doctor Dru, the new sublabel, Exploited Ghetto, will focus even more on new talent. Exploited, the magnificent label from Berlin, can surely be called one of the leading labels of contemporary house music. With a string of excellent releases during the past few years, the label is now branching out into Exploited Ghetto. The new sublabel will focus on bringing new acts into ... Read more

Dutch Group Is Turning Supermarkets Into Discos

We all know that the daily run to the grocery store might not be the highlight of ones day, but can that be changed? Well, there are some excellent ideas out there, especially this one; turn the local supermarket into a disco. And that is exactly what’s going to happen in Amsterdam on the 6th of February at the first edition of Disco Boodschappen (roughly translated as Disco Shopping). It’s those daily challenges that make life outside of the club so dull. The contrast between the weekdays and the weekend is hard to handle for us night dwellers. To ease the wait for ... Read more

BASIS Is Set To Fill The Gap In Utrechts Nightlife

The sleepy town of Utrecht will be getting a wake up call as a new club under the name BASIS opens its doors. With a distance of 40 kilometres South-East from Amsterdam,  so far many Utrechters have chosen to go to Amsterdam for their nights out. However, this doesn’t stop Jorn Lukaszczyk and Joost Holthuizen from setting shop there (or should we say setting club). Equipped with a space literally underground, the founders of BASIS are using their experience from for example the Nachtcollege organization, to create the new club. A good room, with good music, with a good soundsystem and ... Read more

Mix #133 By Jonas Rathsman

Moving on with DHA’s mix series, we have a Swede who needs no introduction. Since being declared a ‘Future Star of 2013’ by BBC Radio 1’s key dance gatekeeper, Pete Tong, Jonas Rathsman has gone on to exceed all expectations with a string of first class releases, remixes and an undoubted ability to work a dancefloor.   Gothenburg, Sweden may not be the first place you think of when talking about musical hotspots of the world. Yet this town is home to Jonas Rathsman (and also DJ NIBC for example). After carefully building up his underground reputation in G-burg, Jonas Rathsman took ... Read more

Why The Superman Pill Has Resurfaced – And What To Do About It

With 2015 having barely begun, we’re already hearing some unfortunate news again regarding bad drugs. According to the Guardian, two people have died in the UK with a third person hospitalized after taking the notorious Superman pill, which has resurfaced again after causing numerous deaths last year. Last year we, and many other dance music outlets reported drug deaths due to a PMA pill being sold as MDMA. The dose is ten times stronger than MDMA, and with effects that kick in far later than that of MDMA, the PMA pills are very easy to o.d. on – especially if ... Read more

Free Download: Brodanse – How You Do It (Original Mix)

Brodanse, a gang of two producers and founders of the Danse Club Records, shot us up with the very first free download of this year. A loopy tune that packs quite the punch in the kick, this free download is a must grab for Dj’s and house lovers. Brodanse is a production duo from London, with a knack for house music with a dark aftertaste. How Do You Do It is an excellent example of what these two, who happend to be identical twins, like to cook up in their studio. Their previous musical achievements have been released on labels such as ... Read more

Full Premiere: Life On Planets – Fork In The Path (David Marston & Dan Izco Remix)

This week’s full premiere comes from the other side of the Atlantic, as we reveal the David Marston & Dan Izco remix of a Life On Planets original: Fork In The Path. Part of the remix bundle of Life On Planets debut single A Public Affair, this emotionally appealing mixture of pianos, vocals, drums and a lonely trumpet is sure to give you shivers down your spine.  Catalog number DS17 from Double Standard Records, is a set of remixes of Life On Planets’ debut single. Featuring both Soul Clap and Luke Solomon remixes of Fork In The Path, as well as our full premiere track, the release ... Read more

DHA & Rollingtuff presents BPM Festival Podcast #001 by Climbers

With BPM festival well underway, it’s time to hit you with a suitable playlist. Together with our friends ROLLINGTUFF, who are based in LA, we bring you this action packed hour of music by Mexico locals, Climbers. Press play and make yourself ready for the Playa sound. Since emerging into the scene in 2011, Climbers have been turning heads both with their dj-sets as well as with their productions. Formed by Kiko Deal and Jay Blakk, prductions by Climbers have received support from such acts as Art Department, Miguel Campbell and Catz ‘n’ Dogz. Their productions feature classic house touches, with airy vocals ... Read more

BH Mallorca set to become the only open air festival venue of the island

Exciting news are dripping in as the summer gets closer day by day. One thing that caught our eye is the new BH Mallorca, which is set to open its doors later this year. Standing where Mallorca Rocks was, the venue will go through a 10+ million euro refit, to boast a live venue, pool party area and a 18+ waterpark. With a great promotion crew behind, this venue will be attracting people who seek for the Mediterranean sun but are looking for something else than Ibiza. Year by year, Mallorca, the biggest one of the balearic isles is going through ... Read more

‘Huishoudbeurs Hipsters’ Hilariously Hijack Home & Beauty Expo’s FB Page

File this under things that can only happen in the Netherlands. Huishoudbeurs 2015, an exposition mainly attracting housewives and stay-at-home moms seeking for homecare and beauty products, got picked up by pun loving internet people to work their magic on the events FB wall. From sharing their previous festival experiences of chugging energy drinks for a week in a row, to warning fellow festival goers of PMA laced washing tablets and even into speculating on the line up of the expo, this little movement created some true internet gold. The real fun got started when the creative word twisters got to ... Read more

Check out Seth Troxler handling the guestlist inquiries at Trouw

Not everything that went down in Trouw‘s last night happened on the dancefloor or in the DJ-booth. A juicy clip of Seth Troxler taking care of some business emerged and got us all laughing. So what is all the fuss about? For the closing weekend of Trouw, the venue was packed with and exciting line up, most of which was revealed only a few hours before the actual party took place and some parts of it even during the action packed 35-or-so hours of the clubs last party. But what was clearly stated beforehand was that there would be no guestlist. ... Read more

BPM festival picks by Deep House Amsterdam

One of, if not the biggest, event of the year is seriously closing in on us! We’re talking of course about the BPM festival which kicks off on the 9th of  January. Taking over most of Playa del Carmen in Mexico, this year’s BPM is filled with events to die for. So, to help you navigate through the extravaganza, we’ve put together a day-by-day list of our picks of the line-up: Friday 9th of January DAY RUMORS @ CANIBAL ROYAL Our BPM festival kicks off with the Rumors party at the Cannibal Royal. Consisting of a saucy line up with Guy Gerber on top ... Read more