A club in Leeds has made a stupid and hilarious mistake, after taking a guy named Danny James Elliott for a DJ with the same name who they wanted to offer a residency. After texting the wrong Danny James Elliott, the prankster plays along like a pro, however, trolling the booker in a string of texts that get more and more ridiculous as their online conversation progresses. At one point, the non-DJ provides the booker with his ‘rider’, asking for pyrotechnics and foxes on stage, while proclaiming he’s just had a tab of acid.

But even that doesn’t make the booker realise that he is in contact with the wrong person. Only when the troller starts giving away some of the tracks he’s thinking about including in his set, including a Grease medley, Sex on Fire by Kings Of Leon and Sex Bomb by Tom Jones, that the booker knows he’s being taken for a ride. Check out the entire conversation below.

Wrong Number 1

Wrong Number 2

Wrong Number 3

Wrong Number 4

Wrong Number 5

Wrong Number 6

Wrong Number 7

Wrong Number 8

Wrong Number 9

Wrong Number 9

Wrong Number 11

Wrong Number 12

Wrong Number 13

Wrong Number 14

Wrong Number 15

Wrong Number 16