Zillas on Acid is Thomas Roland and James Weissinger. Longtime residents at Philadelphia’s never-ending nightlife institution Making Time, they’ve shared the booth with like-minded freaks Optimo, Kris Baha, Capablanca, Maurice Fulton, Jimmy Edgar, and more.

Whether via their alter egos ‘Girls Chat Room’ and ‘Peyton Farquhar’, their label ‘100 Years of Solid Dudes’, or their monthly mutant gathering ‘Melt You Down’, Zillas on Acid mix techno, post-punk, dub, and ACID to excite people from all planets, drum machines and their friends, and of course, the scum of the Earth. Their new EP “She Takes NRG” for Les Disques de la Mort drops July 12 and is available for pre-order.

01. Dirk Desaever // Put My Fingers

02. Identified Patient // Ver Verwijderd Van Vermoeid
03. Krokakai // Ardu 1009
04. Bufi // La Cumbia De Las Frecuencias
05. Zillas on Acid // Don’t You (Look at Me That Way)
06. Club Bizarre // Cyborg
07. Principles of Geometry // Carbon Cowboy (Krikor edit)
08. Gamma Intel // Without Reason
09. John Parsley // Das Leben SC
10. Roman Flugel // Theme IV
11. MR TC // Zeuglodon
12. Pink Skull // In Flux (Unreleased)
13. Capablanca // Lap Dance (Lipelis’ Paper Sound Dub)
14. Yor Kultura // Shimming
15. Zillas on Acid // Bad Bath
16. Sworn Virgins // Take Your Lady
17. Posthuman // Wake Up (Acid Mix)
18. ONYX // Robot World
19. Vanessa Worm // I Did a Lava Dance
20. Chris & Cosey // October (Love Song) [Carter Tutti Remix]