DHA Mix #354 By Mary Yalex

Leipzig’s Mary Yalex is a purveyor of ambient and experimental electronic music, with a it-should-never-be-too-straightforward, free-thinking approach to production.

In 2012 Mary self released her “Ginger Ep”, which was closely followed by more EPs, as well as 2 full albums. Since, she rhas emixed Magic Panda’s “Tokyo” EP.
Since 2016 she is represented at KANN and released on the Various Artists Avocado Dreams and plays since 2016 LIVE at KANN events.
on March 23, 2018 her River EP comes on KANN.


1. Mary Yalex – Uranus
2. Mary Yalex – Arp Love
3. Mary Yalex – Walking on the moon
4. Mary Yalex – Just a feeling
5. Mary Yalex – River
6. Mary Yalex – Glacier
7. Mary Yalex – Sun
8. Mary Yalex – Earth Blossom
9. Mary Yalex – Hyper Heart
10. Mary Yalex – Metallic Elements