As American police officers tried to clear a rowdy, overly-crowded pub in Westfield, Massachusetts, a DJ decided to stand tall by dropping N.W.A.’s “Fuck the Police”. Inspired by the recent critically acclaimed film ‘Straight Out of Compton’, let’s just say this is another failed experiment that tested American freedom.

Occurring last October in the ironically titled venue Shenanigans Pub, Police officers did not take kindly to DJ Boogy aka Kashawn Harris’s closing track selection. Rather than reacting with a Soulja Boy ‘Crank That’ Handle-Bar move along with the rest of the crowd, the Police ended up fining the DJ. This was because his decision to play the track was an act of ‘misorderly conduct.’

“I had no intention of inciting a riot. It was just college kids having fun.”
– Kashawn Harris

In an interview, Harris said he was not trying to incite the crowd, and that his side of the bar was already clear of people by the time he played the song. On top of that – he’s a guy who performs at weddings and college events – not riot demonstrations.

Source: Masslive