DJ Mix

  • dha-mix-361-kiwi
    25 2018 April

    DHA Mix #261 By Kiwi

    London based DJ and producer Kiwi stepped back into the spotlight in 2017 with the release of his ‘Orca’ EP on Futureboogie. This was followed this up with releases on 17 Steps, a vinyl only...

  • dha_mix_360_chloe
    16 2018 April

    DHA Mix #360 By Chloé

    Ever since her first EP, “Erosoft” (2002), Chloé has not merely strung together purely functional tracks, she has been crafting narratives made from sound. As much a film enthusiast as an electronic music composer, Chloé’s...

  • dha-mix-359-margot
    12 2018 April

    DHA Mix #359 By Margot

    Margot, the Italian duo formed in 2005 by Giaga Robot and Pepe, began as both were resident DJs in notorious clubs like Cocorico, Peter Pan and the Classic Club. After joining forces they founded Margot...

Time Warp Podcast #001 By Marcus Worgull

November 28, 2013 | Amsterdam

Let’s introduce you to another stellar, futuristic mix, this time from Innervision’s Marcus Worgull. In a short timespan Marcus has risen through the DJ ranks, not only in his home country, but internationally as well. On December 7th he will be rocking the house at Time Warp, one of the biggest events in Holland outside the...

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Mix #086 by Tim Hoeben

November 25, 2013 | Amsterdam

Let’s start off the week with a deep creation by Tim Hoeben. Tim has become a household name in the Amsterdam clubbing circuit over the past years. Having played many gigs, at nearly all the relevant venues, he has crafted a unique sound that is a more than welcome addition to the Amsterdam DJ guild....

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SUBFIX Podcast #001 by Good Guy Mikesh

November 21, 2013 | Amsterdam

Our second mix this week comes from the Leipzig-born Good Guy Mikesh. We will find out if he’s actually that good of a guy next week, but what we do know is that his music kicks ass. His latest EP is about to be released on Ellum coming Monday (Review), and he’s had earlier successes...

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Mix #085 By Death On The Balcony

November 18, 2013 | Amsterdam

What do you get when you throw two insanely musical and experienced DJs together that share a passion in an eclectic range of styles, from disco to deep techno, and who are unafraid of surprising audiences everywhere they go? You get Death on the Balcony. And their mix is a serious cure for your Monday...

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Wereldvreemd Podcast #001 by Alexander Valentyn

November 14, 2013 | Amsterdam

We have a very special podcast for you this afternoon, made by one of Amsterdam’s most promising young lads. Alexander Valentyn is a DJ/Producer whose name is beginning to resonate through Amsterdam’s clubbing scene more and more. After working intensively on his own sound, Valentyn took another road in electronic music. With a more mature style...

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Mix #084 by Elias Mazian

November 11, 2013 | Amsterdam

“When I make music and I play out, I have to open up my heart and be able to spread the same love that I get when I’m on the dancefloor” In the course of just a few months, Amsterdam-based Elias Mazian has firmly settled himself in our city’s clubbing circuit. Playing weekly gigs in...

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Mix #083 by Navid Izadi

November 7, 2013 | Amsterdam

New mix! Hailing from San Fransisco, Navid Izadi brings multiple  genres together in his tracks. His list of influences always resonating through his productions. But his creative output doesn’t stop there. Besides Dj’ing and producing groovy tracks Navid Izadi has done a few vocal features on tracks from the likes of Soul Clap and PillowTalk....

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Mix #082 By Cleavage

November 5, 2013 | Amsterdam

The word Cleavage got a whole different meaning this year, when an Amsterdam producer-duo decided to name themselves exactly that. Their goal is to create music that everybody could go wild to, and so far they’ve pretty much nailed it. Incorporating dominating bass lines and sensual vocal hooks creates their very catchy and soulful house...

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Mix #081 by Gorgon City

October 31, 2013 | Amsterdam

Two men, one mission: Gorgon City strut with a salubrious yet sordid sound. Their powerful and party-minded musical capabilities has already caught the ears of colleagues like Annie Mac, Diplo, Eats Everything and Mistajam. This UK twosome gets their inspiration from all sorts of styles, mainly house, garage and bass music. This results in some serious hip-swinging when...

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Mix #080 By Spieltape

October 28, 2013 | Amsterdam

Alexander Malyutin, aka Spieltape, is a Russian DJ/Producer who started out some years ago and who’s making some great strides at the moment. He has released numerous tracks and remixes on imprints like Global Underground, Moodmusic and Alive Recordings. Many tracks have been supported by names like Nick Warren, Pleasurekraft, Solee, Tapesh and Marc Romboy...

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Mix #079 by Kyodai

October 21, 2013 | Amsterdam

Kyodai means ‘brothers’ in Japanese, and that’s exactly what these two DJ’s are. Two German brothers that gained respect from musical heavyweights like Masters At Work, Jimpster, Gilles Peterson and Rainer Trüby. Regularly releasing under a variety of different names for labels such as Compost, Odori, Om and Lovemonk. Their ‘Breaking EP’ was supported by top...

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Mix #078 by Smash TV

October 15, 2013 | Amsterdam

Ever heard of Smash TV? You should have, because these guys have been around for quite a while now. Smash TV is now a two-man project, but it wasn’t always like this. Founder Holger Zilske started out in the 90’s producing for bpitchcontrol, creating the albums Electrified and Bits for Breakfast, singles like Yellow Asteroids, Air/Earth and Locomotive...

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Needwant’s ADE Podcast by Mario Basanov

October 11, 2013 | Amsterdam

Mario Basanov is a name that is starting to become familiar to many nowadays. He’s already a champion in his home country Lithuania, where he’s won the ‘Producer of the Year Award’ back in 2011. His sound is diverse, never letting himself be categorized in a specific genre. Whether it’s Deep House, to Disco or...

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ADE Special Podcast by Walker & Royce

October 10, 2013 | Amsterdam

Samuel Walker and Gavin Royce, aka Walker & Royce, are no rookies in the electronic music industry. The past ten years they’ve been omnipresent in the background of the NYC dance scene, Samuel as a producer and engineer, while Gavin was planning parties wherever the Big Apple would allow him. They met ten years ago in...

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Mix #077 by Chris Carrier

October 7, 2013 | Amsterdam

Some people are just born to make music. Parisian Chris Carrier is one of those people. For more than a decade monsieur Carrier has released over one hundred records and remixes for a variety of labels. Although not as popular as he should be, Carrier is revered by connoisseurs as one of the most gifted...

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