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  • dha-mix-274-raw district
    20 2017 March

    DHA Mix #274 By Raw District

    Under the name Vernon&DaCosta, Vernon Bara and Massimo DaCosta had released on the likes of OM Records, AMA Rec, Robsoul, Aroma, OFF, Icon, Doubledown and many more. Since 2013, the Belgian duo has shifted focus...

  • DHA-Mix-272-julien sandre
    16 2017 March

    DHA Mix #272 By Julien Sandre

    Julien Sandre is a DJ, Producer, label manager and collector of vinyls. In just a few years Julien has carved out a significant role in this complex and difficult world of electronic music, during which...

  • dha-mix-271-oxia
    15 2017 March

    DHA Mix #271 By OXIA

    Ever since ’95, Oxia has been a spearhead on the French electronic music scene with a prolific set of releases on labels such as Saved!, Kompakt, 8bit, Hot Creations, Terminal M, as well as his...


Mix #027 by Jon Celius

September 22, 2012 | Amsterdam

Jon Celius from Norway is a 21 year old talent that will soon release his Debut EP on Cream Couture. This EP with 3 tracks of him called: I’m Down, Still Don’t Love You and Rhytm ‘n Poetry are absolutely great tracks and we love all of them. We are looking forward to hear the...

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Mix #026 by Candlehouse

September 14, 2012 | Amsterdam

Sometimes in life bad things happen to you and you don’t see why this could ever be a good thing for you in the future. This happened to Juan Carlos Hermoza Rios a.k.a. Candlehouse. He was always in the water body boarding and this was his most fulfilling activity until at one day he broke his...

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Mix #025 by Sean Roman

September 7, 2012 | Amsterdam

Sean Roman has had some big successes with his releases on various labels such as Hot Waves, Neim, My Favourite Robot, Love Not Money, Outcross and more. In 2011 Sean his track ‘Lick’ on Nightrunners was played a lot by the Diynamic label boss Solomun and he put it in his ‘Best tracks of 2011’...

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Mix #024 by L’Atelier

September 1, 2012 | Amsterdam

l’Atelier is a Dutch duo based in Amsterdam who are getting more and more recognition from international artists such as, Taras van de Voorde, Bas Amro, Emanuel Satie, Boris Ross, Peter Horrevorts, Michel de Hey, Luciano, UGLH, Malbetrieb and Mihai Popoviciu. The friendship of Gijs van Willigen and Paul van Veen goes way back in...

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Mix #023 by Lopezhouse

August 24, 2012 | Amsterdam

David Lopez was as a child already really interested in music and at an early age the 1p12 record shop in Madrid became his second living room. He got so into music that he started producing 5 years ago and is playing in Madrid for 10 years now. The way Lopezhouse describes his own music...

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Mix #022 by Guilherme Roxxo

August 16, 2012 | Amsterdam

Guilherme Roxxo who was born in Brazil, started to play in 2010 and is influenced by dj’s such as Lee Foss, Maxxi Soundsystem, Emil Croff, Gui Boratto, MANIK & Aninha. These artists represent a musical fusion of different styles suchs as Deep House, Disco & Techno with focus on vocals. Guilherme is known for his...

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Mix #021 by Haarbaarbaar

August 8, 2012 | Amsterdam

HAARBAARBAAR. For the non-Dutch, HAARBAARBAAR stands for HAIRBARBARIAN and his long curly hair explains his name. He has only been playing since the summer of 2011 but already has some nice gigs on his resume. His Soundcloud popularity was growing so fast that it was impossible to keep him inside. His first real gig was...

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Mix #020 by Real Nice

August 1, 2012 | Amsterdam

Real Nice consist of Ben and Sam who met at the university of Bristol. These guys liked playing music a lot more than studying and so they dropped out to pursue more music related things. After dj’ing in Bristol for about 5 years, producing music seemed like the next step so they teamed up with...

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Mix #019 by Daan de Boer

July 25, 2012 | Amsterdam

Normally we ask artist to make a set for us, but we regularly get sets send to us. Some sets are good, but this one really caught our attention. We were surprised with the track choice and the well-mixed set by Daan de Boer. Daan de Boer is a 20 year old guy from Amsterdam...

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Mix #018 by Moonwalk

July 17, 2012 | Amsterdam

The in Naples, Italy based Moonwalk , consisting of Mauro Marabello Morabito and Dario Vizioli, came into existence in the beginning of 2012. They met in High School and together went often to Ibiza and other parties where they got inspired to become producers and sound engineers. You can describe their style as a mix of House,...

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Mix #017 by Pepe Acebal

July 10, 2012 | Amsterdam

Pepe Acebal was born and raised in Mexico City and after 10 years of DJ’ing and producing in the shadows, he finally got the recognition he deserved with an EP on Kindisch, the sister label of Get Physical. His ‘We will stay together’ EP got support from names such as, Catz N Dogz, M.A.N.D.Y., Phonique,...

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Mix #016 by Karmon

July 2, 2012 | Amsterdam

Enjoy this great Mixtape of Karmon <3 Read the exclusive DHA interview with Karmon.      ...

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Mix #015 by Deep ‘N Disco Boys

June 25, 2012 | Amsterdam

This duo, consisting of Wietse Bos (25) and Lex van Aken (21), met each other for the first time in Studio 80 in Amsterdam. From that moment they started meeting more often as their taste in music was so alike. That same summer they went to Off Sonar in Barcelona, which was an important experience...

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Mix #014 by Art in Motion

June 18, 2012 | Amsterdam

Vicente Amadeo, also known as Art in Motion, is a rising talent in Brazil. Besides Dj-ing, producing and organizing the parties in Rio de Janeiro called: ‘House It’ and ‘Quadra’, he also has his own label, Plano B Records. He started the label a year ago, and has had 20 releases so far. His new project,...

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Mix #013 by Ammar Hasan

June 11, 2012 | Amsterdam

We would like to introduce you to Ammar Hasan, the A&R Manager from Playperview, which is the label from Brazilian DJ’s HNQO and Fabo. Ammar only recently started listening to House music. Ever since the day he entered club stereo in Montreal, Canada he was sold. This was the music he liked and wanted to...

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