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DJ Mix

  • dha-mix-340-yor kultura
    18 2018 January

    DHA Mix #340 By Yør Kultura

    Crossing borders of different genres & cultural spheres, Yør Kultura delivers the next exclusive DHA mix. With releases on Laut und Luise, Multi Culti and Noema’s ‘The Magic Movement’, the Rotterdam based trio (soon to...

  • dha-mix-339-black light smoke
    15 2018 January

    DHA Mix #339 By Black Light Smoke

    Drawing from the raw sounds of his native New York, while expanding into territories of electro, disco, synthwave, post-punk, and beyond, Black Light Smoke is a multi talented songwriter, composer and producer. His prolific work...

  • dha-mix-338-birds of mind
    11 2018 January

    DHA Mix #338 By Birds Of Mind

    Birds of Mind is the collaboration of Parisian based duo DJ/Producers Alex H. & Adrian C. Alex, who studied filmmaking in NYC and grew a passion for music through his international trips, is now based...

Mix #075 by Prosper Rek & Rue d’Alex

September 9, 2013 | Amsterdam

Two friends bringing a mixture of sounds that goes along perfectly with their personality. When they perform together it doesn’t only surprises the crowd but also themselves. Big or small it doesn’t matter for these guys. They enjoy every set and you can see it on their faces. Joy all over the place with these...

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Exploited Podcast #001 by Claptone

September 5, 2013 | Amsterdam

Cloaked under a bright gold bird-like mask, Claptone travels the world playing shows while picking up new fans at each stop along the way. His productions have become the talk of the town with praise being tossed around by everyone from Pete Tong and DJ Sneak to A-Trak. Hit output for the esteemed Exploited imprint...

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Mix #074 by Dexter Kane

September 2, 2013 | Amsterdam

Dexter Kane is the latest endeavor in a string of projects from long time music industry aficionado and master of indecision, Ed Kane, who was known as Kanio a while ago. Whilst permanently keeping one ear close to the ground yet refusing to be pigeonholed, Dexter has developed a sound that lies somewhere towards the...

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Some Chemistry lived 10 years of his life in Africa and South America. The experience during these years with different cultures and also music wise brought the rhythm in his system. At the age of 14 he sharpened his sense for melodies and harmony playing as a (bass) guitarist in several indie/punk/rock bands. These days,...

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Mix #073 by Jay West

August 26, 2013 | Amsterdam

For the most part of the last decade, Jay West has been releasing House records. His versatile taste in House Music had brought his tracks to various labels like Off Recordings, Dikso, Large Music, Lost My Dog, Kolour and much more. Amongst his supporters are dj’s like Seth Troxler, Jimpster, Dimitri From Paris, Danny Howells,...

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“Pigeon-holing is a loser’s game, why not appreciate good music simply because it’s good music, not because it’s a specific style.” Electronica next to techno mixed with bass and (deep) house – Jorn Liefdeshuis has enamored the Dutch party crowd with his great sense of mixing music. The ability of uniting various genres has gained...

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Mix #072 by Greg Pidcock

August 20, 2013 | Amsterdam

‘When I was 6 years old I got electrocuted by a neon sign in Thailand. Something about that changed me, and I knew electronic music was something I needed to pursue’ Receiving the promo from his Blame Game EP on Hot Creations a little while ago, we knew we had to keep an eye on...

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Mix #071 by Shimmer

August 13, 2013 | Amsterdam

Inspired by the sounds of Doctor Dru, The Mekanism, Hot Since 82, Larse and Pete Oak, Shimmer is working his way up at the moment. Producing for 3 years now he is growing and making new music with Sivesgaard and Marco Darko. Next to dj’ing and producing he is also A&R Manager for the upcoming...

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Straf Werk Podcast #007 by Prunk

August 7, 2013 | Amsterdam

We present you the seventh podcast in collaboration with Straf_Werk Festival on the 11th of August.  This time our own resident and Straf_werk Resident Prunk is bringing us some fresh disco, garage and deephouse. The last mix from Prunk for the DGTL podcast series, was the first podcast for Deep House Amsterdam that reached 1000 likes and 30.000...

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Straf Werk Podcast #006 by Sandeep

August 2, 2013 | Amsterdam

We present you the sixth podcast in collaboration with Straf_Werk Festival on the 11th of August. This time the Rotterdam based Sandeep took over the decks. Resident at Straf_werk for a little while now and playing at the best clubs in Rotterdam and other places in Holland, Sandeep has been in the game for quite while now....

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Mix #070 by Golf Clap

July 29, 2013 | Amsterdam

Golf Clap is Detroit’s latest deep house export and is already making quite a stir in the few months they’ve been releasing music. After playing over 100 shows together last year, Bryan Jones & Hugh Cleal started releasing music as Golf Clap in early 2013. House legends like Kerri Chandler, Grant Nelson, and Miguel Migs...

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We present you the fifth podcast in collaboration with Straf_Werk Festival on the 11th of August. This time the ass shaking duo Chopstick & Johnjon took over the decks. How it all began for the duo… Before the joint journey of german born John and the vietnamese/canadian Thien can begin, they first had to get to know...

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Mix #069 by Daan de Boer

July 22, 2013 | Amsterdam

Even though it’s a coincidence that Daan’s surname can be abbreviated to DB, listening to this young DJ makes you wonder whether your body still contains only one heart. Dark, heavy basslines with an eerie feel to them makes that Daan is the dark brother of the bunch. Winning the East Ender Contest brought him...

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Straf Werk Podcast #004 by Detroit Swindle

July 18, 2013 | Amsterdam

We present you the fourth podcast in collaboration with Straf_Werk Festival on the 11th of August. This time the talented duo Detroit Swindle took over the decks. Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets, 2 guys that, without actually growing up together, have had practically an identical musical upbringing. These 2 guys form the very successful duo Detroit Swindle....

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Mix #068 By Charlotte Thorstvedt

July 15, 2013 | Amsterdam

For a change we’ve invited a beautiful young lady over to do a Mixtape for us. Charlotte Thorstvedt, all the way from Norway. This talented young lady released her debut album in 2012 ‘salome’ on Universal Music Norway. Of her first single “Treacle”, critics said, “ it’s a deliciously laidback soft house affair. It’s lounge,...

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