DJ Mix

  • dha-mix-306-jade
    17 2017 August

    DHA Mix #306 By Jade

    Under the mentorship of Jonny White (Art Department), Jade’s hard work and desire to evolve has created a sound that is sexy, organic and entirely her own. The Toronto native’s music consists of deep and...

  • DHA-mix-305-tiefschwarz
    14 2017 August

    DHA Mix #305 By Tiefschwarz

    With a DJ and production career spanning over 14 years, Tiefschwarz passion for techno and deep house flourished their initial experience as DJs in the early 90’s. Celebrating some 20 years in the game, Tiefschwarz...

  • dha-mix-304-habischman
    10 2017 August

    DHA Mix #304 By Habischman

    Habischman is a name synonymous with a driving, accomplished sound and style that translates fluently between the underground and crossover clubs alike. As he continues to rise in notoriety Habischman has gained widespread support from...


Podcast Special by Voices of Black

April 25, 2013 | Amsterdam

Voices of Black is an American duo consisting of Jules Born Randolph and Baba Doherty. Randolph and Doherty met in high school and began recording music together as teenagers. After spending a few years touring Europe, Latin America and the US as DJs, the 23 year olds are ready to establish themselves as an original...

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Mix #056 by Rey & Kjavik

April 22, 2013 | Amsterdam

Rey & Kjavik, two guys from the middle of nowhere, who prefer to stay anonymous that make some funky deep house music, sometimes with an edgy darker twist.  It started with there EP ‘Wooden Chapter’ on Kindisch, Get Physical’s sister label, including the track Lora that got recognition by some big names. The next hit...

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DGTL Podcast #003 by Fur Coat

April 19, 2013 | Amsterdam

The third podcast out of a series we do in collaboration with DGTL Festival. After our dutch pride Prunk, who’s mix was a massive succes with over 15.000 plays, we now have the Venezuelan duo Fur Coat. A nice mix to cool down from that amazing first festival of the year. You may think Fur...

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Mix #055 by Shall Ocin

April 15, 2013 | Amsterdam

Shall Ocin is one of the suprises from last year releasing some massive tracks and remixes on quality labels like Ellum, Leftroom and Culprit LA. Nicolas started discovering music at a very young age playing the guitar and electric bass. In his recent releases you hear his love for distortion, 80’s music and funk. In...

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When Jonny Cade turned 6 his musicality began by getting a drum kit for his birthday. At the age of 14 his sisters introduced him to the clubbing scene, where he started mixing jungle and break beats. He never had a clue that he would start a career in being a DJ, until he fell...

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Mix #053 by Tettero

April 1, 2013 | Amsterdam

Tettero, who has been dj-ing since he was very young, developed a musical enthusiasm by his musical father and grandfather. At an early age he began spinning records and organizing various events in Haarlem and Amsterdam. After 10 years of events and countless gigs, both national and international, Tettero thought it was about time to produce...

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Mix #052 by Johsoul

March 26, 2013 | Amsterdam

The 23 year old peruvian Johsoul is a DJ/Producer from Lima. From another big talent in Peru, Luis Leon, we heard about this guy and we were surprised about his great productions, even though he just recently started producing with ableton. He is influenced by Soul and Disco music and also by dj’s like Daniel Bortz,...

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Mix #051 by Deep ‘N Disco Boys

March 18, 2013 | Amsterdam

This week it is exactly 1 year ago that Deep House Amsterdam came into existence. To celebrate this we wanted to go back for a little moment to see what has changed for us and what remained the same. We see a lot has changed but the reason why we started this project is still...

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Oli Furness’s love for house music started in the 90’s during the start of the warehouse scene in Manchester, where the sounds of Detroit and Chicago filtered through the UK. Fast forward a decade and Oli has built up a strong collection of analogue hardware and is now steadily building a highly praised reputation for...

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DGTL Podcast #002 by Prunk

March 7, 2013 | Amsterdam

The second podcast out of a series we do in collaboration with DGTL Festival. After Nicone we now have our dutch pride Prunk delivering a more funky/disco set for you. On the 30th of March ‘DGTL Festival’ will take place for the first time at the NDSM Wharf with a massive line-up. After a successful...

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Mix #049 by Adriatique

March 4, 2013 | Amsterdam

Adriatique, the two guys from Zürich are both named Adrian and we were wondering, is it a coincidence or was it meant to be that they are both named Adrian? We definitely believe it had to be this way. The guys started off with music just like everyone else, by trying several instruments and scratching...

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Mix #048 by S.K.A.M.

February 27, 2013 | Amsterdam

Hailing from Moscow S.K.A.M. is one of the best projects in the house and deep house scene in Russia. This Friday he will make his debut at De Nachtdivisie in Chicago Social Club Amsterdam. He has been producing his unique sound since the 90′s and continues to bring his individual style to dance floors all...

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DGTL Podcast #001 by Nicone

February 22, 2013 | Amsterdam

The first podcast out of a series we do in collaboration with DGTL Festival. On the 30th of March ‘DGTL Festival’ will take place for the first time at the NDSM Wharf with a massive line-up. After a successful collaboration between Pleinvrees & Straf_werk at ADE it was now time to create something new. With...

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Mix #047 by Louisahhh!!!

February 20, 2013 | Amsterdam

Louisahhh!!! born in New York City but now lives in Los Angeles. This talented young lady loves making records more then anything in the world. Besides making records and playing music LOUISAHHH!!! enjoys singing very much. She worked with some of the bigger artist in the scene such as Danny Daze, Atapy, Bromance, Los Suruba...

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deephouse-dj-kevin duane

Mix #046 by Kevin Duane

February 14, 2013 | Amsterdam

Kevin Duane is a 20 year-old DJ born in Huntington, New York. He lives in Holland at the moment getting more and more involved in the Amsterdam Nightlife. He is resident at Cookieclub, Trutjes, Deep House Amsterdam and Lazy Sundays. Also he is a starting producer and who knows what will come from that. The...

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