DJ Mix

  • dha-mix-368-jeans
    23 2018 May

    DHA Mix #368 By JEANS

    From the Dutch West-Coast of The Hague, JEANS was born in the 80s in the Spanish Dénia. After a childhood in Spain, he then spent his teenage years in The Hague, listening to hip hop...

  • dha-mix-367-innershades
    22 2018 May

    DHA Mix #367 By Innershades

    Having recnetly been featured as the exclusive premiere off 9300 Records’ V/A “Family Matters Vol.1”, Innershades, the Aalst-based Producer-cum-DJ is back with a full on DJ Mix. Soundcloud Artist Page...

  • dha_mix_366_dj haus
    17 2018 May

    DHA Mix #366 By DJ Haus

    A regular on Rinse FM, DJ Haus typically presents releases from his own Unknown To The Unknown imprint, a regular home for Legowelt, Willie Burns and Luca Lozano, with his own productions that span everything...

dha-mix-338-birds of mind

DHA Mix #338 By Birds Of Mind

January 11, 2018 | Amsterdam

Birds of Mind is the collaboration of Parisian based duo DJ/Producers Alex H. & Adrian C. Alex, who studied filmmaking in NYC and grew a passion for music through his international trips, is now based half of the year on Mykonos where he finds inspiration in a “close to nature” environment. Adrian was born in...

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DHA Mix #337 By Concret

January 8, 2018 | Amsterdam

Very much an evolving project as much a musical act, Concret emanates visceral soundscapes, raw disco, dirty house, techno, world influences, and hip hop into an eclectic combination of underground electronic music. Composed of Italo-Mexican musician Diego Angelico Escobar and Italian Producer Q-Pha, Concert’s research based approach to sound’s relationship within the urban environment has...

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dha-mix-336-re you

DHA Mix #336 By Re.You

January 4, 2018 | Amsterdam

It’s been a meteoric rise over the past decade for Re.You. With a prolific release schedule continues, and the live show with Rampa that formed having fallen in with the Keinemusik crew around ’09, Re.You is now all in from his hom base of Berlin. His first single ‘Work’ was a roaring success. before joining...

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dha-mix-335-be svendsen

DHA Mix #335 By Be Svendsen

December 28, 2017 | Amsterdam

2014 was the year that electronic cognoscenti fell for Be Svendsen. Following the success of his live festival performances, the Danish musician has become an attraction on the global festival scene as a proponent of a genre-bending sound; Spaghetti western soundtracks, classic analogue synths and film noir atmospherics all tastefully crafted into an original form....

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DHA Mix #334 By MK

December 19, 2017 | Amsterdam

With a career spanning three decades, MK is one of House Music’s most prolific Producers and talented Remixers. His storied background is one of long-term creative development with roots laying in Detroit, yet his musical path can be described as a series of seamless transitions from house to techno and hip-hop to R&B, with a...

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dha-mix-333-marcel vogel

DHA Mix #333 By Marcel Vogel

December 16, 2017 | Amsterdam

Marcel Vogel is the Amsterdam based mastermind behind Lumberjacks in Hell. He is an endlessly multitasking DJ, Producer and label owner known for his impeccable taste in Rare Groove, Disco and Soulful House. With a distinctively low slung sound is released regularly on his Lumberjacks imprint plus its sister label Intimate Friends. Earlier in the...

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dha-mix-332-gilles wasserman

DHA Mix #332 By Gilles Wasserman

December 13, 2017 | Amsterdam

Gilles Wasserman is one of the co-founders of NYCʼs underground team ‘Fictionʼ, who create intimate events for discerning tastes, combined with top sound and theatrical production. Also co-founder of Fiction Lab, a music platform who connects the NY underground with international talent, Gilles is a staple of NYCʼs underground and a purveyor of infectious energy....

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DHA Mix #331 By Lupe

December 7, 2017 | Amsterdam

Emerging from the heart of Amsterdam’s club scene, Lupe carries out his mission of unity through music and parties. Drawing inspiration from Acid House and Disco, while interjecting his own vocals and lyrics, the self expression formed as a result sets Lupe out from the competitive local scene. His first music release. ‘Shake,’ was applauded...

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DHA Mix #330 By Vinayak^A x NoLatency LIVE

November 27, 2017 | Amsterdam

The meeting of two minds to embark on a journey of musical exploration and a love for analog synthesis brought together Vinayak^A and NoLatency (Krishnamurthy Ramesh). Vinayak^A, the project of Vinayak Karthikeyan, one of India’s leading electronic artists having released on the likes of Bedrock, Subtract, and Armada, pushes boundaries with many successful releases and...

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DHA Mix #329 By Tim Engelhardt

November 23, 2017 | Amsterdam

One of Cologne’s youngest and brightest electronic music stars on the rise, Tim Engelhardt didn’t gatecrash the scene out of leftfield, but started his path to connoisseurship fairly early on: trying to rewrite the piano pieces he had to practice at the tender age of eight, he showed an independent creative mind from the get-go...

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DHA Mix #328 By The Mole

November 16, 2017 | Amsterdam

The Mole is able to pull either inspiration or wax for his house-heavy DJ sets and live presentations from a diverse range of sounds, from Disco to Jazz, Hip Hop to Funk. Low-key and loved by many, the rambling captain of Maybe Tomorrow boasts a steadfast commitment to keeping it groovy…and weird!! With this approach,...

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dha mix-327-mahalo

DHA Mix #327 By Mahalo

November 13, 2017 | Amsterdam

One of the exciting new acts to come out of Los Angeles’ diverse stateside scene is the Hawai’i born Mahalo. We’ve already featured his top level remix of Zhu‘s ‘In The Morning,’ as well as the recent “Liquid House” of ‘The Drip’. Now, Mahalo brings a full length, exclusive mix as the 327th edition of...

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DHA Mix #326 By BEC

November 8, 2017 | Amsterdam

One of the underground’s leading ladies, BEC is a rare talent. In just a few years she’s accomplished more than most do in a lifetime. Berlin-based, BEC has rocked top clubs from London, to Hong Kong, to Barcelona, to name but a few, with her infectious charisma and a vividly distinct sound. Now, her debut...

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DHA Mix #325 By SIS

November 5, 2017 | Amsterdam

With many shades of experience, SIS is the exact opposite of the cardboard cut-out, squeaky clean radio DJ. Driven by raw musicality and flickers of his colourful past, global ancestry, and intense personality, SIS quickly honed a unique house music style. A style that has been heard on the likes of Cecille, Sei es Drum,...

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DHA Mix #324 By Squire

November 2, 2017 | Amsterdam

Born with a Jazz soul, Squire is one of the most interesting upcoming spanish and international talents on the scene. The key of his success have been focus, respect for music tradition and an eye open to the future of electronic music. Keeping his sound into ‘Deep’ atmospheres he has rapidly creates around his name...

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