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DJ Mix

  • dha-mix-340-yor kultura
    18 2018 January

    DHA Mix #340 By Yør Kultura

    Crossing borders of different genres & cultural spheres, Yør Kultura delivers the next exclusive DHA mix. With releases on Laut und Luise, Multi Culti and Noema’s ‘The Magic Movement’, the Rotterdam based trio (soon to...

  • dha-mix-339-black light smoke
    15 2018 January

    DHA Mix #339 By Black Light Smoke

    Drawing from the raw sounds of his native New York, while expanding into territories of electro, disco, synthwave, post-punk, and beyond, Black Light Smoke is a multi talented songwriter, composer and producer. His prolific work...

  • dha-mix-338-birds of mind
    11 2018 January

    DHA Mix #338 By Birds Of Mind

    Birds of Mind is the collaboration of Parisian based duo DJ/Producers Alex H. & Adrian C. Alex, who studied filmmaking in NYC and grew a passion for music through his international trips, is now based...

dha-mix-310-will oirson

DHA Mix # 310 By Will Oirson

September 4, 2017 | Amsterdam

A man of few words, Will Oirson drops the 310th edition of our mixtape series. Having appeared everywhere from local clubs and festivals like like Into The Woods, Drift Festival, STRP, Paradigm, Trouw, Straf_Werk, Welcome To The Future to playing records across the Atlantic, Will Oirson is one of those names who seems to pop...

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dha-mix-309-black spuma

DHA Mix #309 By Black Spuma

August 31, 2017 | Amsterdam

Fabrizio Mammarella, also known as Telespazio and Phillip Lauer, one half of Tuff City Kids, are back with the insatiable “Orme” EP via International Feel. Having first met when Phillip remixed a Telespazio track leading to their first joint release “Oasi” also released via International Feel. Aside from the imprint, both Lauer and Mammarella have...

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DHA Mix #308 By Perm

August 28, 2017 | Amsterdam

Perm, the Leipzig based wizard simply knows how to leave dancers both dizzy and beatific, has again turned the right knobs to provide the perfect soundtrack for your personal journey into Techno wonderland. After last week’s exclusive premiere of ’03-VIII,’ Perm is now back, only this time with a full on mix! “shtum 14” is...

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dha-mix-307-olaf stuut

DHA Mix #307 By Olaf Stuut

August 24, 2017 | Amsterdam

The music of Olaf Stuut tells stories with challenging harmonies, contemporary percussions and deep emotional vibes. It is a sound that has been featured on the likes of Atomnation, Traum, Cocoon, Zaubernuss and infectious Music and supported by Max Cooper, Laurent Garnier, Agoria, Minilogue, John Digweed, Joris Voorn, Stimming, and Hernan Cattaneo amongst many others....

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DHA Mix #306 By Jade

August 17, 2017 | Amsterdam

Under the mentorship of Jonny White (Art Department), Jade’s hard work and desire to evolve has created a sound that is sexy, organic and entirely her own. The Toronto native’s music consists of deep and dark bass lines accompanied by solid high hat patterns, which has been featured on the likes of no.19 Music, Mobilee,...

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DHA Mix #305 By Tiefschwarz

August 14, 2017 | Amsterdam

With a DJ and production career spanning over 14 years, Tiefschwarz passion for techno and deep house flourished their initial experience as DJs in the early 90’s. Celebrating some 20 years in the game, Tiefschwarz and their label Souvenir Music, have never allowed themselves to be tied down to a certain sound, staying true to...

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DHA Mix #304 By Habischman

August 10, 2017 | Amsterdam

Habischman is a name synonymous with a driving, accomplished sound and style that translates fluently between the underground and crossover clubs alike. As he continues to rise in notoriety Habischman has gained widespread support from the industry including Pete Tong, Booka Shade, Nicole Moudaber, Dave Seaman and John Digweed, through releases on the likes of...

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DHA Mix #303 By Maga

August 6, 2017 | Amsterdam

Maga is a DJ & Producer born & raised in France, but has developed & explored different sounds over the last 9 years through the cities he has traveled. His genre of music, which is mainly electronic & minimal combined with an emotive sound that explores the ethnic and organic. It is a sound recently...

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DHA Mix #302 By Hisham Zahran

August 3, 2017 | Amsterdam

Due in no small part to his wildly popular online mixes, Hisham Zahran has steadily gained recognition within the dance music community. With a focus on deep, melodic and ethereal dance music, holds residencies at Nacelle House Sessions, the popular underground party in Cairo and Bespoke Music in New York. Always finding new ways to...

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dha-mix-301-denis horvat

DHA Mix #301 By Denis Horvat

July 20, 2017 | Amsterdam

Through his dynamic productions and complex sets of and deep and melodic techno, Denis Horvat has been racking up some stellar achievements in the underground dance music world. The talented Dane’s music has been featured on the likes of Innvervisions, Exit Strategy, Sum Over Histories, AEON Audio, and his original home of Upon.You Records, while...

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DHA Mix #300 By Spoetnik

July 17, 2017 | Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s Spoetnik is best described as a purveyor of  undeniable groove. The artistic project of the city’s club shelter staple, the sound of Spoetnik draws its influence from across the musical spectrum – from dubby and rousing, to tribalesque and organ-churning house. Think of it as a tour the best of classic-era House has to offer...

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DHA Mix #299 By Fideles

July 10, 2017 | Amsterdam

Emerging in 2010, Italy’s Fideles have already released a substantial body of music to date, across a number of leading labels including Ovum and Stil vor Talent. The duo’s rounded production, combining a mix of melodic and interesting layers, has turned the heads of DJs and music fans alike, as evidenced by their recent EPs...

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DHA Mix #298 By Eekkoo

July 3, 2017 | Amsterdam

With a calling card featuring depth, razor sharp precision and raw body­slamming power, Montreal’s Eekkoo’s story is one of passion and obsession for sound. Choosing music reflective of his own eclectic taste, Eekkoo has built a dual identity that combines heavy­ hitting analogue Techno with a refined focus on melody and emotional progression influenced by...

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DHA Mix #297 By Switchdance

June 29, 2017 | Amsterdam

Widely regarded as being one of Portugal’s finest and most adventurous DJ’s and producers, Switchdance joins us for the 297th edition of the DHA Mix Series. Known for his diverse musical palette and boundless creativity, Switchdance ultimately seeks to challenge audiences by discarding boundary and convention. He is a resident at Lisbon’s notorious Lux Frágil...

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DHA Mix #296 By Raxon

June 26, 2017 | Amsterdam

One of the Middle East most dynamic and recognizable figures is Raxon. Now based in Barcelona, the Egyptian born electronic music artist spent his formative DJ years as resident for Audio Tonic (Dubai), which exposed him to a wide variation of sound, most importantly the influences of quality dance music. His patented driving bass heavy...

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