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  • 7-key-performances-epizode-festival
    16 2018 January

    Epizode Festival: 7 Key Performances

    Vietnam’s Epizode Festival made a huge mark on all who attended this year. The second edition of the ten day long event was a landmark one, with people from all over the US, UK, New...

  • 5-paradise-festivals-editorial
    12 2018 January

    The World’s Top 5 Paradise Festivals

    We have selected our Top 5 Paradise Festivals to make your summer line up that little bit easier as you try and beat the winter (and upcoming summer) blues. Air Festival Now in its fourth...

  • 75-favorite-tracks-2017
    30 2017 December

    Our Favorite Tracks Of 2017

    With New Year’s Eve upon us and 2018 imminent, these are the tracks that were on heavy rotation in our offices and dancefloors throughout. With so much to choose from, and tiered lists something of...

What Is The Underground?

November 14, 2016 | Amsterdam

Describing music as “underground” can mean a whole bunch of different things dependent on the context. Often in music circles it can be a stamp of approval, pointing to the fact that, whatever sound it is, comes from a genuine place of creativity not tainted by commercialism. On the flip side, in more commercially minded...

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Why Should You Know Leonard Cohen?

November 11, 2016 | Amsterdam

Love, sex, religion, politics and death – have been the main themes of the songs he wrote. While some are devoted fans, some, as Huxley tweeted this morning, have not been aware of how many songs of the legend poet, singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen we may have known till this day of his death. Despite on which side you stand, this...

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Trainspotting 2: A New Soundtrack

November 10, 2016 | Amsterdam

Danny Boyle’s movies are well known for their heavy reliance on soundtrack. In interviews on the subject he has referred to the songs he uses as though they themselves were characters in his films. Many of his greatest cinematic moments hinge around an iconic piece of music. Whether it be taking something familiar and subverting...

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Alex Niggemann Talks Balance Compilation

November 8, 2016 | Amsterdam

Rarely we get to know the full thought process of an artist putting up his musical story in one rounded piece. The prestigious Balance series, championing the most unique talents of the underground house and techno heroes, is now joined by the talented German producer Alex Niggemann. Here, to carry us through the journey of putting...

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Life After Fabric

November 8, 2016 | Amsterdam

Is it time for London to move on? If so, what is the best path to move forward? In the wake of the iconic club’s closure, how best can London’s nightlife begin moving forward.  In the past few months the London music community has gone through the first four stages of grief over the closing of...

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This is a short series of articles, considering the most important, most resounding panels of Amsterdam Dance Event conferences. A collection of observations that span the conversation in the industry for the rest of the year, the heated discussions and knowledge that is worth special attention. To scan through or read thoroughly, as always is your choice,...

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Boiler Room Breakdowns: Skream B2B Disclosure

November 4, 2016 | Amsterdam

It’s been awhile since our last Boiler Room Breakdown, so we thought we’d return with a classic. It’s been over three years now, since that fateful night when Skream and Disclosure joined forces in a poorly lit hotel suite but many YouTubers still love to revisit the moment over and over and over again. Aron...

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Dirtybird Campout 2016: Becoming A Dirtybird

October 14, 2016 | Amsterdam

This past weekend, a small group of Dirtybird superfans gathered in Orange County for a weekend of summer camp filled fun led by none other than tech house music legend Claude Von Stroke. For years Claude and the crew have been throwing epic barbecue parties in their backyard of San Francisco Bay in Northern California...

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Tonight, the award-winning percussionist Dominique Vleeshouwers presents his world premiere of “Playground“. A 75 min profound exploration through the world of sounds that took the creator everywhere from the junkyards to the dark corners of the club, the jewels of Asian culture and to the glorious interior of the Royal Concert Hall. Yet another crossover...

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I believe in magic again. I wrote that in capitol letters in the bottom of my journal entry my last morning at Burning Man. My heart was full of joy in a way I have not experienced before in my life. For eight days I was surrounded by art, culture, conversation, friendship, and curiosity. I’d...

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Finally, it’s not just talks about spirituality, yoga and getting to know your 2nd chakra. The organization behind the biggest electronic dance music stage on Coachella Festival has taken action and turned their community’s attention to the controversy over the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Despite their disavowal to be perceived as a political...

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In early July, Jeroen Search was enlisted to close the final chapter of Len Faki’s Figure SPC, the long-running techno label with releases catalogued from A-Z. Spanning output over a period of nearly 7 years, Figure SPC has carved a new shape in Techno with its distinct approach to curation and the sheer depth of...

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III Points Miami: 5 Acts To Catch

August 24, 2016 | Amsterdam

III Points is coming back to the sunshine state and each year their line up seems more impressive. The 2016 edition features acts like LCD SoundSystem, Thievery Corporation and M83. A line up going for some selective old school hip hop artists, Indie rock and some of the finest dance music artists such as Dixon,...

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Citing youth centers in his native Düsseldorf as a major source of influence in his youth, Desolat’s Loco Dice has now teamed up with nonprofit Bridges for Music. The aim of Bridges for Music is to raise funds for South Africa’s Kliptown Youth Center, which acts as a safe haven for disadvantaged youth by partnering with...

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A 22 year old Dublin entrepreneur has created a collapsible shower meant to aid hygiene in both the festival space and the refugee camp (the question of why these camps don’t have adequately hygienic facilities seems to be a futile one at this point…another reason to punch your local right winger in the face). Originally intended as a...

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