Sigward & Oliver Sudden are two of the brightest stars in the burgeoning The Hague electronic music scene. It’s there that they operate the phenomenal Amateur Records together with their partner Gisberto. While the promising Oliver Sudden might be a new name to some, Sigward is already in the record box of all die-hard Beachcoma fans, thanks to his massive “Drama In Twilight Town EP” that remains one of the imprint’s most treasured releases. Their new “Sunburst EP” shows that the two gents can form a pretty neat collaboration together.

Sunburst rolls in quiet and steady like an ominous fog, but soon reveals itself for the tsunami that it is. One of the biggest bass-lines you will ever hear is surrounded by a swirling haze of finely-placed percussion, trippy synths and arpeggios that drip from every corner.

Atma Atma is much more introverted, revolving around wonky synth-patterns and pulsating bass sounds. The gooey, detuned synthesizers remain though, slowly building towards the introduction of the song’s playfull, yet off-putting central theme.

Last, but in no way whatsoever least there is a huge remix included as well, from none other than Sean Johnston – under his Hardway Bros guise. His DJ project with the legendary Andrew Weatheral – A Love From Outer Space has been taking over the world as of late, but his productions are perhaps even more exciting. His Outer Space Interpolation of Sunburst is outstanding with it’s relentless, yet utterly captivating groove.

Sunburst EP is out March 16th on Beachcoma

Sigward Oliver Sudden