garageband-tutorial-point blank-music-school

GarageBand Tutorial: How to Make a Basic Track

Point Blank Music School has years of experience teaching Music Production, and after experimenting with many different developers, the main DAWs they teach with today are Ableton Live and Logic Pro. Both are i...

New App WARM Monitors Worldwide Airplays

With the purpose of giving true transparency to bands and artists played on the radio, WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor) looks ready to expand even more its reach worldwide. With the addition of: - accurat...
knops-volume button-for-ears

Adjust The Sounds Of Life With The Volume Button For Your Ears

A new Amsterdam-based kickstarte has launched, which aims to act as a volume button for your ears. Called Knops, the wireless, in ear device alows wearers to adjust the sound of life itself. Just imagine the possibilities, crying babies on the ai...