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Ableton’s Hugely Overhauled Live 10 Software Is Now Available

With four new devices, a re-designed sound library, workflow-accelerating refinements and more, Ableton’s 10th edition of its music creation and performance platform, LIVE, is now available. Adding a new synth, Wavetable, alongside three new effects – Echo, Drum Buss, Pedal – Ableton brings a broader, bolder palette of sound to Live. Sound libraries will expand with richer, more detailed sounds in its Core Library, while new curated collections and essential instruments show the sounds that keep styles and scenes moving. Naturally, the new edition also brings significant upgrades to both MAX and PUSH, with the former fully integrated and the ... Read more

Watch Point Blank Music School’s Comprehensive Guide To Setting Up Your Home Studio

Setting up your home studio correctly is a crucial first step to getting the best out of your productions. There are many factors to consider, from things like speaker placement and room treatment to ensure you are getting the most accurate sound possible, to knowing what essential equipment to purchase. All of this can be daunting when you are finding your feet in music production, so we’re here to help you get started. In this video tutorial, Point Blank Creative Director JC Concato guides you through the first steps of setting up your home studio. Starting by discussing how to ... Read more

Watch Point Blank Music School’s Comprehensive Guide To Setting Up Your DJ Equipment

So you’ve bought your first set of decks, or maybe you’ve finally upgraded your equipment or even just added some CDJs for the first time… happy days! Of course, now you have to set them all up, and despite Pioneer’s continued commitment to making their tools as easy to use as possible, to get the most of out of your new toys you need to set them up properly. Luckily Point Blank’s lead DJ instructor Ben Bristow is on hand to show you both the basics and a few tricks to fully optimize your set-up. NB: Though he is using ... Read more

Making A Track in Ableton Live 10 : First Look With Point Blank Music School

After 5 years, Ableton Live has finally announced its long-awaited update from Ableton 9 to Ableton 10. The Berlin-based DAW powerhouse is the programme of choice for many producers and lauded for its streamlined workflow, uncluttered interface and deceptive sophistication. As a long time advocate of the programme, Point Blank Music School has produced a short and accessible video, providing insight into Ableton 10’s new features. The video, which you can see below, features Point Blank’s lead course developer, Ski Oakenfull touring the DAW itself and in conjunction with the Ableton Push controller where some of its most exciting upgrades ... Read more

New App WARM Monitors Worldwide Airplays

With the purpose of giving true transparency to bands and artists played on the radio, WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor) looks ready to expand even more its reach worldwide. With the addition of: – accurate real time data – detailed reports – clear geographical maps displaying gathered info – push notifications on radio airplays – downloadable reports WARM is able to democratize the way data on radio plays has been handled so far, giving valuable insights on where and how often the music is being played. Check out the WARM website below and use codeword “warm” at checkout to test ... Read more

FRISKY Radio Expands Role As Premier Underground Music Service With Android Launch

Featuring the largest category of electronic music, anytime, anywhere, FRISKY Radio has expanded its reach with the launch of its brand new Android application. Launched late last month, FRISKY’s extensive catalogue of Mixes and Programming will be available across iOS and Android, WORLDWIDE. You can even listen to all content offline, as well as discover music 24/7 with the always on FRISKY Radio in Hi Res Audio. Shows from the likes of Robert Babicz, 16 Bit Lolitas, Dave Seaman, Bespoke Music, Quivver, Wild Dark, Of Norway, Just Her, Justin Massei, Chus & Ceballos and many, many more make up the ... Read more

Traxsource Improves Functionality, Adds Features With New, Rebranded Site

The primary digital music destination – Traxsource – has just re launched their website with upgrades, additions, and more. Traxsource has always been a company run by DJs and made for DJs, not to mention the deep digging House music connoisseurs out there. With that, the new additions and re brand of its interface massively improve upon the original design, with many of the industry’s top names in agreement. Amongst the new additions, Traxsource has added: – Dropbox Integration for Downloads – Responsive Site Design – DJ Charts – New + Improved “My Traxsource” There are already more than 26,000 ... Read more

MasterSounds & Union Audio Release New 4 Channel Rotary Mixer

After a successful launch of the Radius 2 rotary mixer last year, MasterSounds is back with the Radius 4. Built upon the worldwide success of the former, the Radius 4 has been developed by Union Audio with Andy Rigby-Jones personally designed, built and tested the analogue electronics and MasterSounds founder Ryan Shaw’s family owned metalworking factory manufactures the mixers outer casing. The Radius 4 offers aclean, open and dynamic sound on both LINE and RIAA inputs across 4 channels. The mixer features easy-reading back lit VU Meters, a responsive Master EQ/Isolator, a smooth natural sounding Hi-Pass Filter, and Aux Send ... Read more

A Guide To Choosing The Perfect DJ Headphones

Headphones are an essential piece of equipment to a DJ because, without a proper pair, there’s no sensible way to listen to what they’re creating in a recording studio or on a stage, while inhibiting interference from ambient sound or the constant screaming of fans. Good headphones enable a DJ to hear all elements in a composition and play around with things like frequency, pitch, and range to deliver a pleasant, well-balanced output. That said, high-rated headsets are an expensive investment. Experts typically advise against compromising on headphones, but if you’re merely a budding DJ with only a few bucks ... Read more

Adjust The Sounds Of Life With The Volume Button For Your Ears

A new Amsterdam-based kickstarte has launched, which aims to act as a volume button for your ears. Called Knops, the wireless, in ear device alows wearers to adjust the sound of life itself. Just imagine the possibilities, like….no crying babies on the airplane, for example! Essentially, one can instantly control real world volume, just like with the volume button on your headphones. Each device comes with 4 settings: the first being regular, second for the sounds of a vibrant city, third for the sounds of a live concert experience, and fourth for a silent environment. The design is based around ... Read more

This Tiny TS Synthesizer Is The Size of A Credit Card

Step it up Roland, competition is in town! Who needs a smartphone app to be able to make music on the go, when you can take carry around a syntheziser in your pocket? No seriously this awesomely cute synthesiser is so small you’ll probably lose it in the back of your sofa. Tiny TS with a 1-octave keyboard, that fits into your wallet, is an absolute must have for anyone from a proper synth-head to that about-to-get-his-break-through composer! It’s entirely open sourced and, just like your dream girlfriend’s bust x waist, goes by the measures of 100 x 65, just in millimetres. But what is best, ... Read more

Roland Presents It’s New Digital Instrument For Playing Winds

Roland, the creator company of the iconic Roland 909 introduces a new digital instrument of winds. The new Roland Aerophone AE-10 is a company’s new digital creation that fuses a traditional saxophone fingering system with a library of onboard acoustic and synth sounds, plus an acoustic horn breath sensor. The Aerophone allows the performer to use additional acoustic instrument sounds including clarinet, flute, oboe, trumpet, and violin. Even ethnic instruments like shakuhachi and erhu are on board, and all offer authentic pitch and tonal fluctuations that echo their acoustic counterparts. The instrument comes with a selection of the latest synth sounds, ... Read more

World’s First Magnetic Levitating Record Player is On It’s Way

For spinning records on zero Gravity might soon become not only a dream of a Star Trek fan. This Slovenian Kickstarter is about to reach 500 thousand dollars for their First Magnetic Levitating Record Player project. MAG-LEV is a turntable whose platter magnetically floats in the air during playback. Just one month ago a Slovenian developer started their campaign to fund $300.000 for developing this idea and the goal was quickly reached.  ‘We believe that how you listen to music is sometimes just as important as what you listen to.’ Well we do too, and, to be honest, if not beautifully designed these turntables ... Read more

BLOCKS, a LEGO-like System Aiming to Democratise Music-Making

ROLI aims to Open up The World of Music-Making with it’s newest introduction of BLOCKS – a LEGO-like modular music creation system. BLOCKS is supposed to be an instrument that does not require any musical knowledge to master and enable anyone to create one’s own music. The four by four square Pad surface allows people to shape music by using natural gestures (more info in the explanational video below). Based on skill levels, budgets users can costomise their own kits of Blocks, which offer individual capabilities. The motive to the inventor and the CEO of ROLI, Roland Lamb, came after realising how digital technologies ... Read more

MasterSounds & Union Audio creates a new mixer Radius 2

MasterSounds just created a new mixer. MasterSounds founder Ryan Shaw teamed up with Andy Rigby-Jones, the owner of Union Audio, who co-engineered Richie Hawtin’s PLAYdifferently MODEL 1, to come up with analogue rotary DJ mixer Radius 2, filling the gap of price and prime emphasis on sound quality. This compact, easily portable mixer is hand built. The founder, Ryan Shaw described the focus of the mixer being the quality of sound: “We designed the mixer with prime emphasis on accuracy of audio reproduction, low noise floor and high headroom using components of fine quality.” Radius 2 promises precision in sound clarity on both LINE and RIAA inputs, it features easy-reading VU meters, a responsive ... Read more