Is Roland Set To Re Release The TR-909?

August 23, 2016 | Amsterdam

A celebration of the studio favorite Roland TR-909 is scheduled to go down next month. Promising the offer of “new and inspiring electronic instruments,” Roland is set to release a slew of new instruments with rumors of a possible 909 re release coming some 33 years after its original production. In fact, the techno favorite...

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Meet Numark’s Portable Scratch Turntable

August 16, 2016 | Amsterdam

The PT01 Scratch will be Numark’s latest addition to its turntable line, specifically designed for turntablists on the go. Harness your inner Grandmaster Flash (I’ve been binging Netflix’ The Get Down for a few days now), with this portable deck, complete with internal crossfader and built in speaker system. Aside from those features, the PT01...

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The io808 Is A Roland 808 For Your Browser

August 10, 2016 | Amsterdam

Hours of fun right here, as Roland’s TR-808 is now available in browser version. There are a few 808 browser apps around, as we have reported here, but according to Electronic Beats this one is the “definitive browser-based version,” created by Programmer Vincent Riemer. So, what are you waiting for? Go waste some time..NOW! Oh, there’s also...

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Let’s face it, along with the music, production plays a huge role in why we all like this sensory experience we call dance music. From LEDs to screens to strobes and beyond, all elements of the club and festival are meant to work on synergy, creating an experience. Personally, a good laser show has always...

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The Polivok was the Soviet Union’s favorite synthesizer and now the company behind its production then has lifted the veil on its impending reboot. Of course the completely hand made synth will be limited, with only 100 being made, but with 85% original Soviet components, Polivok promises the same kind of space age sounds the...

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Apps Of The Month: July 2016

August 1, 2016 | Amsterdam

From Discogs finally on Android to a new music discovery tool, we took a look at some of the top apps and updates over the month of July 2016. This month we see apps for iOS and Android and, for the first time, we also see Virtual Reality in the mix. Did we miss any? Let us...

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A French audio company, Devialet, is set to release its “Phantom” model home speaker, claiming sound outputs upwards of 4500w/108db (Phantom Gold), roughly the volume of a live concert. The Phantom is a plastic and kevlar shell housing aluminium speakers, whose stray vibrations are minimal, thus yielding undistorted wavelengths. The technology on display has been...

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Serato DJs (are you still out there?) will soon be able to incorporate lighting into their DJ sets. Through Soundswitch, professional lighting (as claimed by the company) will be accessible to everyone, bypassing the need for expensive visual professionals (in theory) at DJ performances. basically the package, created by a New Zealand company, acts as...

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Design company Obilab has turned to Kickstarter with a prototype drum kit aimed to minimize many of the limitations of learning percussion. By creating a drum kit (kick drum pedal and stool, hi-hat, snare and toms) entirely out of a cardboard frame, rice and tuned fiber glass drum surfaces that can fit into a single...

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With an eye toward professionals and amateurs alike, independent developer SoundStage is taking full advantage of the recent Virtual Reality explosion. Soundstage allows user to play drums, patch synths, load samples, and control effects and parameters, all within the room-scale virtual environment. “Whether you’re a professional DJ creating a new sound, or a hobbyist who...

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In partnership with video game designer Bandai Namco, Korg has created a new chiptune synth for its app, Gadget. Gadget, which launched back in 2014, features numerous virtual synths and drum machines based around the iconic Japanese company’s arsenal of products. It is also a sequence and mixer for those recording full tracks. With the...

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Apps Of The Month: June 2016

July 3, 2016 | Amsterdam

From full artistic control of booking to a customized earprint, we take a look at some of the apps and updates of the month this past June 2016. This month it seems as though all applications only come in iOS versions. Did we miss any? Let us know what your favourite apps from the past...

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We all know the phones on the dancefloor conversation: should you? shouldn’t you? where? why? all of that… Well, everyone’s favorite multi-national behemoth Apple seems to know this conversation too and has now been awarded a patent that, theoretically, will be able to block mobile phone camera within certain spaces. Basically, using the iPhones infrared...

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Personalize 3D Sound To Any Headphone

June 23, 2016 | Amsterdam

Dubbed WAVES Nx, the new technology is supposed to personalize 3D sound on any pair of consumer headphones. An application that can be uploaded directly to your desktop of mobile device, WAVES Nx recreates the same three dimensional listening experience as if listening to sound in the real world for a fully immersive listening experience....

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Is Basslet The FitBit Of Bass?

June 21, 2016 | Amsterdam

Coming our of Berlin, a new wearable technology meant to enhance the tactile effects of bass, has been released. Dubbed BASSLET, the bracelet like gadget is meant to recreate the physical effects of bass that headphones and speaker systems cannot. Essentially, users would plug the device into their music players. Mounted on the bracelet is...

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