You will be playing TOTAL on July 18 w/ Blond:ish & Dauwd. How do these two artists complement your sound? What can we expect from this night?
To be honest, I never meet either Blond:ish or Dauwd but I can afirm that I’m a big fun of Dauwd and his latest productions. Blond:ish is also great they are so charismatic! The night will be incredibly beautiful.

Why do you think Kompakt never had an Ibiza residency until TOTAL in 2015?
I think Michael and Wolfgang were so focused on the label, the sub labels, also Michael was playing a lot in festivals and clubs around Europe that I assume that this is the right time to do that. It’s coming in a good moment. And it will get bigger and bigger.

What are you impressions on the state of underground dance music in Sao Paolo these days? What are some go to DJs or venues you think our audience should know about?
There’s no more underground scene in SP, in terms of music, like some years ago. I think the scene in SP resumes in 1 club these days: D-EDGE. Not only in SP but in Brazil, Renato Ratier’s group, including D-EDGE, Club Vibe, Warung, etc, is the main group responsible for the good and honest underground music in the country. Of course we still have nice ones, like 5uinto in Brasilia, BeeHive in Passo Fundo, among others.

The country has been in a very distorted perspective about what’s really going on music around the globe. All clubs and DJs are playing EDM and I’ve seen great clubs closing their doors. Sad. But it will change soon, I hope.

Is there a specific piece of gear you cannot live without in the studio? What about a piece of gear you can’t live without on the road?
In the studio is my desktop computer running Logic, of course. And my little Juno 106. I can do almost every kind of sound pops in my mind with this little baby. Very simple synth. Very useful. On the stage, nothing. I’ve been constantly changing my live setup. Even playing without a computer. I dont have a “must” gear for the stage.

Having recently released your 4th LP, has your workflow or approach to the creative process changed from when you first started to know?
We’re always in a constant change. While doing “Abaporu” my forth album, I used a lot of Kyma programming, from Symbolic Sound. Very unique.

Finally, after summer is finished, do you have any plans to chill out for a bit? What do you do when its down time?
I wish, but no, I have a short US tour, Europe again mainly because of ADE and Asia around November.

Thanks for the interview. Very clever questions.

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