What are aspects you’re looking for when signing an artist for your Be As One label?
I always tried to be particular and not just sign any artist, but lately it’s growing to be more radical, in the positive sense of the word of course (if there is any). The label has its own identity. For example, I will not sign any artist just because the music is cool, it has to go further then that to a full package of what the artist is really looking for. I don’t wanna sign an artist who just wants to sign on the label because now its cool, and tomorrow will move to sign on the next cool label. We are working as a family and crew of people who really like and take care of each other.

I think it is easy to say that you’ve accomplished nearly everything at this stage. What are some career goals you still have left?
I surly hope I didn’t accomplished everything! What is there to expect then? I still think I have so many things to accomplish. We have a very dynamic scene, new crowd coming in and old going out everyday, its an ongoing road with no end if you looking to get famous or rich, but its very very joyful trip if you just do what you love and enjoying the ride.

What inspires you in productions next to electronic music genres?
Even after so many years in the studio, I still keep exploring and learning every day. It’s such an interesting process, as I’m one of those DJs who is never completely happy with their productions. I always think there is something that can be better, and that makes me over-listen the music, over-produce it and also hate it at some point on the way, its very much a hate – love relationship with every new track.

Who is an artist we should keep an eye on during this years Ibiza season?
I would highly recommend Markus Suckut and Eduardo De La Calle. There are many artist that deserve recognition on the island as Chevel, Psyk, Jeroen Search, Blawan, Maryn and many more, but I will pick those 2 as they already starting to play around often and it’s very possible to catch them playing out on the island.

15 Years of Nordstern – Mixed by Shlomi Aber is available 17 July on Nordstern Recordings

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