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Spanish Police Raid Pacha And Ushuaïa

As its known within the Spanish law enforcement community, Operation Chopin, or the systematic targeting of Ibizan nightclubs for tax fraud, has claimed two more superclub victims. First came the well documented troubles at Amnesia, then (not exactly tax related) the Balearic boat parties and now, early this morning, mega clubs Ushuaïa and Pacha also felt the wrath of the law. Spanish police reportedly entered Ushuaïa, as well as its parent company Grupo Empresas Matutes, at 8am this morning, and Pacha at 6:30. Thus far Operation Chopin has hit nearly 90 (!) venues within the Spanish territory and, at least for Amnesia, has ... Read more

New Holiday Tax To Be Implemented In Ibiza, Malta & Other Islands

Beginning 1 July, those traveling to Mediterranean party paradises like Ibiza, Majorca, Malta and others will be subject to a ‘Sustainable Tourist Tax.” The specifics of the holiday tax are an (est.) extra £11 per week for travellers age 14 and up, with the proceeds going toward protection of island resources. The tax will be paid upon arrival with prices dependent on type of accommodation, (est. €2 per night for luxury hotels, €0.50 per night for hostels or campsites). After 9 evenings, the tax will be halved. Malta has a slightly different approach to the tax, targeting those over 18 at €0.50 per night beginning in June, with ... Read more