Interview: Alan Fitzpatrick

You and Trus’me had a big track last year, but why did you feel he was right to remix this track? Also, what about Chip Jacks? I read that you guys have also known each other for some time, being peers in the same area?
Firstly, Chip Jacks is also from the South coast of England and is good friends with Reset Robot. I was struggling to find remixers to fit this EP as I didn’t want anyone too obvious to do it. I looked to Reset Robot who recommend Chip Jacks, just to give it a totally different feel…almost an old school breakbeat kind of groove, which was really cool. I was quite happy with it.

With regards to Trus’me, I remixed him for ‘I Want You’ which was a massive success last year. I felt this track really fit his production style, so I wanted him to return the favour so to speak. I think he’s done a great job.

Speaking about house music, what are some of the inspirations for you? Did you draw any inspiration on this track from anyone in particular?
For this track, no, I didn’t draw anything from any individual. Generally speaking, the tribal sense of the track, I feel like it is why humans are so into dance music. It is so engrained into us from an ancestral age. That caveman style drum beat, when there was nothing else to do, is like the beat of the heart, and something I have always drawn inspiration from. It is why we dance when we hear music. It is an instinctual thing we do.

What about tracks? Are there any that have shaped your sound?
Probably some of the 90s stuff. The classic stuff from people like Moby and Massive Attack. LFO also had a massive influence on me when I was younger. Aside from them, I’d say some of the obvious people like Frankie Knuckles. I used to listen to “Your Love” a lot back in the day. Also, the old Inner City stuff.

In the UK we had the big rave culture so the push from acid house to rave was all stuff I was listening too on my walk to school. A lot of what has shaped my sound today comes from UK rave culture.

In the studio, what is an essential piece of production gear for you (aside from the laptop)? Do you have any one piece of “go to” gear?
Most of my stuff is software based nowadays. I used to have hardware, but I rarely use any of it now because it is much easier to work with software when traveling so much. But, if I had to choose, I would say Propellerheads’ Reason is my main piece of production software. Myself and Reset Robot have worked with Reason since day 1. It’s on version 8.5 or something and I have used it since the very first version, when it was quite basic. Now it is one of the best in the world.

As we are conducting this interview for Amsterdam media, what do you have lined up for ADE? Have you managed to spend some time here, outside of flying in and out from gigs?
Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities. I’ve been playing there for years. It’s also a city I have travelled to with friends for Bachelor parties and for city breaks with my wife. We have seen quite a bit: Vondelpark, Heineken Brewery, Red Light district, the museums.

I have seen quite a lot of the culture and have many Dutch friends. New York is also one of my favourite cities and for exactly the same reasons as with Amsterdam. I go there regularly with my wife and I play there a lot. I’d say Berlin, Amsterdam and New York, when I’m in those cities, I know my way around in the sense that it feels like home. I travel all over the world and there are so many cities where, if I walk out of the hotel, I have no clue where I am or where I am going.

As for ADE, I will be there on Thursday and Friday. Thursday I am doing Drumcode’s Awakenings at Gashouder, which I’ll be closing. Then I believe I am doing a DJ Mag session. On Friday, I am playing a Hotflush/Beatport boat party with Scuba. That should be fun!

You mentioned New York City. As I am from there, I know that when you come by you always have a strong rapport with the NYC audience. I know you will be playing with Adam Beyer soon at Brooklyn Warehouse, this seams like a much buzzed event. How do you feel about it?
Whenever I play in New York, there is always a great crowd and I have a pretty good following there. I feel like this event with Adam will be a very special one. I’ve done Brooklyn Warehouse parties before and they’ve always gone very well. It’s already selling like crazy so I bet it’s going to be packed!.

“Tribe” is NOW AVAILABLE 12 October on Whistleblower Recordings – here

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