In early July, you will be on a nice lineup at Torino’s Kappa Futur Festival. Have you played that event before? If so, what are your impressions of it and of the city as a whole?
Yes I did once and I constantly play in Turin for Movement too (they are the same promoters). Both events are amazing and are really well organised. Torino is a fantastic city and this festival is one of the gems of my country. 

How would you compare Italian audiences with Spanish audiences? Does the sharing of the Mediterranean also mean a similar sharing of vibes and musical appreciation?
They are very similar. Maybe Italy’s bigger events tend to have a younger crowd than Spain. I think it´s because Italy is more local and Spain attracts more tourists. But for smaller clubs I like Italy a lot – they dance until the very last minute.

With the summer in full swing, do you have any practices to maintain health and mindfulness, especially given the rigours of the summer schedule? How do you unwind after the summer season is over?
I wish ! I’m not the best at taking care of myself… and I’m kind of a workaholic, so there’s no rest for me. The days I spend with my family and friends (which are never enough) are my way to unwind.

Is there anything you are particularly looking forward to over the next few months, whether it’s a specific gig or just something personal…
Yes, I am really excited about the upcoming projects my team and I are working on. We are working hard on 3 different projects: my albums (a trilogy giving shapes to all my music sides and aliases), Blender (my vision of how clubbing and art can be blended together), and last but not list This And That (we have a new office that will host a lot of parallel projects).

Do you have any future plans with the Better Lost Than Stupid crew?
An album and the live set show, both ready in 2017.. Stay tuned !

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9 & 10 July | Kappa Futur Festival | Tickets | Torino, Italy