I’ve been told you are just back from Dubai? What is the scene like there? I have had limited relations with that region of the world, and one always hears such conflicting descriptions/opinions. What are yours? Regardless, it must be a long plane ride. Aside from handling interviews and music, how do you pass the many plane hours these days?
I have been going there for many years so I am lucky that I have a pretty decent crowd who come out to support me and want to here good underground music. Long plane journeys I don’t mind to be honest, I tend to get lots of work done and go through music. The journey back was a nightmare FYI long delays and missed connections luckily made it to an amazing festival in Valencia just in time.

On a personal note, though I am here in Amsterdam, I am originally from NYC and your Twilo residency with Sasha was amongst some of my first introductions to club culture, as well as some of my fondest memories of the scene. It was a time that was very different for New York City. Recently, though, a handful of new venues and events have popped up around that city but, in my opinion, the atmosphere from the crowds is much different. Perhaps a result of gentrification, perhaps a result of economics…I’m interested to see how you view the club culture of New York these days? How have you witnessed it change since the Twilo days?
Twilo was by far the best time in NYC for me in regards to clubbing, it was this private club of 4/5000 people every month going crazy plus all the other big clubs were packed with Tenaglia and Vasquez with the best sound systems and underground vibes yet nobody seemed to have any idea about the nightlife and DJ culture. There was no social media and cameras phones and people found out about events by word and mouth. It was not about how many likes you had it was purely based on the quality of the parties, Twilo changed the look of the club monthly and there was something really special about playing 12 hour sets on by the best sound system in the world.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to in 2016? This doesn’t necessarily need to be a gig or release, just anything you are looking forward to as the year rolls along?
I don’t have anything to prove, my goals are simple play the music I love to people who want to hear it. I am blessed that I always wanted to be a DJ from the age of 11 so I have and still am living the dream 24/7,365.

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