As we are an Amsterdam publication, what are your impressions on the city, specifically as a center for dance music? Would you say Amsterdam is in the same conversation as Berlin or London? I know that you have a special relationship with Awakenings, for example.
Holland always was and still has an important role when it comes to dance music. In my opinion Amsterdam can definitely keep up with Berlin or London. It is different for sure, but, as an example, take the crazy days around ADE. It is an impressive event with such great parties, workshops, cultural events etc. and fantastic that all people from the industry are welcomed with open arms and supported.

I believe there is no other country having so many well organised events and festivals when it comes to the size of the country and its population.

I´m pleased whenever i have the chance to experience your love and passion for music! You guys welcomed me in the best ways since my early beginnings. I’m carrying these great memories in my heart and will never forget!

What are some of the main differences between Berlin and Amsterdam, musically? Culturally?
That’s a tough one. Obviously the cities do have some differences of course. Especially when it comes to the look of the cityscape and the feeling it gives you. Amsterdam appears to give a more cozy impression due to all the canals, small nice houses, shops and tidy streets. But then there are also many similarities, musically and culturally.

Regarding Techno and House i would say that they both have a lot in common – It’s not for nothing that dutch DJs play that often in Berlin and same the other way round. We do benefit from each other.

Being with Berghain since the beginning, now, 10+ years on, how has the club changed over that time? In what ways has Berghain influenced your own career? For example, how has it changed your approach to constructing a DJ set, in general?
For sure some small things changed with time, same like in all areas by following the zeitgeist but it managed to keep its original spirit over all the years, thanks to the like-minded people working and celebrating there. Berghain had a strong influence for my past years in a positive way, and still has. From beginning on it was like a symbiosis for me and I guess for all the resident DJs. We are part of creating the spirit of the place and being influenced from it at the same time. Goes without saying that I love to play there. It´s a very familiar place to me that i know better than any other location.

Is there anywhere in the world that could, maybe, possibly rival Berghain?
There are so many awesome and great clubs, locations and festivals around the world that I like and had unforgettable nights and experiences at. They are great in their own style. Referring to the spirit of Berghain I would say there is no other place like that.

Speaking of Berghain, your Berghain compatriot Ben Klock has also been accepted far and wide, even being selected as the Essential Mix of the Year (well deserved, in my opinion). Did you check out that mix? How did you find it?
Yes, of course I listened to it. Ben is a great DJ, working very hard and I have no doubt that this mix deserves to win as essential mix of the year.

What was the last piece of vinyl you bought? What is one track that will never leave your “record bag”?
The last vinyl I bought was the Ostgut Ton Zehn package. It was part of a Christmas gift.
There are some tracks i have always with me. Playing them only a few times over the year in very special moments. It´s classic ones like Jeff Mills – The Bells or Laurent Garnier – Crispy Bacon that influenced me a lot.

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