Some people who have put this event together in the past have been Carl Cox, Victor Calderone and, as you mentioned, Loco Dice. Have any of them had any contact with you as to how to approach the event? How to pace yourself?
These guys have taught us so much without even knowing it. We’ve been following Loco Dice since forever. He can tell you, when we were younger we’d be the two kids behind him just watching everything. They have all been teachers to us and we’ve learned so much about everything, taking it all in always.

Aside from the music and nightlife, what are some other aspects of Miami you enjoy?
One of the reasons we love Miami is its strong Latin culture. It’s like a home away from home. New York has everything so it has that too but in Miami we get to have the food we want and go to places that are so close to our culture. It has good food and it’s always so laid back. New York is hustle and bustle. Miami is chill. Obviously, these events like MMW and Art Basel get a bit more intense but you can always find a place to relax.

Let’s talk about Amsterdam a bit. You guys are out here pretty often so I’d guess you enjoy the city. When you are here, what are your impressions when looking out into an Amsterdam crowd? How do you see Amsterdam as a dance music center city?
Right now, it is as equal and important as any city for music. There are so many great musicians coming out of the city you just can’t deny it. Plus, it’s a tight knit city so you’re guaranteed to see your friends when you’re out. Amsterdam is probably the city we go overseas to the most. It was our first overseas party we ever went to, which was Dennis Ferrer’s Objektivity party. Even if we don’t play, we try and have a layover to hang with some producer friends, like Boris Werner or San Proper. The vibe of the city is always there even when the weather isn’t good. That always translates well into the club. I’ve never had a bad time playing in Amsterdam.

Finally, I saw you guys will be speaking at IMS in Ibiza. Can you talk a bit about what your topic will be? Do you look forward to public speaking?
It’s not something we do often. We agreed to do it just because of that. We really aren’t the kind of guys that talk too much. We’d rather let the music do the talking, but I think it’s important to spread your knowledge out into the world. We’ve been doing this for a long time now and we have a unique perspective since we grew up in this world. I’m excited about it. IMS is a perfect platform to talk about these kind of things.

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