Celebrating 15 years of Moon Harbour, how do you keep things fresh, relevant, and interesting, especially in this what-have-you-done-for-me-lately digital climate?
I am mainly inspired and driven by my own DJ interests. I am trying to release music I would like to play, which is the key thing. I look for music I would like to play within a certain sound spectrum and then build a group of artists who, of course, want to keep working with. This develops its own pace as, the longer the relationship, the more music you will be sent. It kind of runs itself.

Can you speak on Moon Harbour’s Off Week event celebrating its 15 years. How did your relationship with Pacha form? How have your experiences been at Sonar and Off Week in the past?
I have been going to Sonar for over 10 years, which is one of the key events for electronic music for the year. With the 15 years celebration, we felt we wanted to do a one-off party to kick off the tour later this year. You can see the lineup is really huge! We have 15-20 DJs, almost the entire label.

We did last year’s event with Pacha, so we trust them. I have been to the club before and it’s very nice. It also has an extra space by the beach, which adds a nice element, especially to Barcelona in the summertime.

How do you compare the Sonar/Off Week atmosphere to other prominent electronic music showcase-style events like ADE, WMC or BPM?
Those are definitely the biggest events for our music, but what I like about Barcelona is that it is way more relaxed, especially in relation to South Beach.

It is very close for Europeans to travel to…just a 2 hour flight from pretty much everywhere. It also is not too expensive, especially compared to Miami. It is a beautiful Mediterranean atmosphere, near to Ibiza. It just makes a lot of sense.

Finally, as we are called Deep House Amsterdam, I notice the term being used in many different ways. For example, coming from the USA, I notice there, the term being a generally descriptive one for just about anything that isn’t EDM, but in Europe it is much more specific to a style and sound of house music. In your experience, how would you define the term “deep house”?
I’ve been a lover of classic deep house for a very long time. This is how I got into electronic music in the first place. Very soon after I was introduced to the scene, I got into the deep house sound of the mid-late 1990s, which was more American or British. This is how I see deep house, which has little to do with many of it of its modern descriptions.

Matthias Tanzmann’s Off Week 2015 Playlist

1. Sabb – One Of Us feat. Forrest – Moon Harbour
2. Claude VonStroke – Make A Cake – Dirtybird
3. Nicole Moudaber – Somewhere In Our Minds – Truesoul
4. DJ T. – The Growing feat. Nick Maurer – Moon Harbour
5. Metaboman – Cucumagic EP – Musik Krause
6. Sven Väth – Ritual Of Life (Adam Port 108 Remix) – Cocoon
7. Mennie – Callin’ – Flashmob
8. Jey Kurmis – Queen B EP – Wow!
9. The Deepshakerz – What People Say – Safe Music
10. Snilloc – Elso – 8bit

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19 June | 15 Years Of Moon Harbour | Tickets | Pacha – Barcelona