• dha-moogfest-interview-umfang
    24 2018 April

    Interview: Umfang

    Born in New York City, raised in the Mid West, and now a staple of Brooklyn’s underground electronic scene, Umfang’s amorphous polyrhythmic Techno productions have been felt everywhere from Ninja Tune to Dekmantel. The co...

  • dha-interview-dj boring
    18 2018 April

    Interview: DJ Boring

    Comprised of simple, melodramatic chords, modulated acidic klangs, a syncopated, chilled out 909 groove, and (of course) a now iconic sample, DJ Boring burst onto the Dance Music scene in 2016 with the viral hit...

  • dha_interview_lente_Kabinet_steve
    15 2018 April

    Interview: Steven Julien

    One of the most prominent representatives of London House Music, Steven Julien (aka Funkineven) will return to Amsterdam for the first ever Lente Kabinet weekender. With his Apron Records imprint instrumental in introducing the likes...

Exclusive Interview With Patlac

March 5, 2015 | Amsterdam

“I started with techno music from labels like Tresor, Kanzleramt, Müller. I think it was a little rebellious, because a lot of the kids listened to some more pop music and I wanted to be different. Now I think how stupid it actually is, the attitude that my taste is the best, but back then...

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Exclusive Interview With Extrawelt

March 4, 2015 | Amsterdam

It was a typical Amsterdam Friday night, cold and rainy but with a somehow burning atmosphere. As the weekend was upon us and nights turn to days, Next Monday’s Hangover had the honor to give the craziest start to it with an outstanding party at the new Marktkantine. The line up consisted of such acts...

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Exclusive Interview with Guti

March 2, 2015 | Amsterdam

“I’m in love with this city. I’ve always been. Even if a big part of my life is still in Germany I’ve decided that Barcelona is the city where I want to make music” Guti isn’t your run-of-the-mill electronic artist. Rather, it’s the Argentinian’s deep-rooted love of jazz and rock that form the foundations of...

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Exclusive Interview With Verknipt

February 19, 2015 | Amsterdam

Unpretentious, accessible to a wide audience and perhaps a little chaotic at times; this is the gist of the dynamic behind one of Amsterdam’s most popular event organizers, Verknipt (which can be translated as being mad or crazy). Starting barely two and a half years ago, the concept was clear from the start. Reza and...

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Exclusive Interview With Bart Skils

February 11, 2015 | Amsterdam

“Techno has been there for ages; it’s not a hipster sound. Techno is here to stay” Bart Skils has been in the game for almost 20 years now, and is considered one of the Netherlands’ most revered and respected techno DJ’s. But instead of getting stuck in old routines, he has constantly been pushing forward,...

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Exclusive Interview With Apollonia

February 10, 2015 | Amsterdam

“When choosing music partners the most important thing is that the person has the commitment, the passion and is ready or already has this lifestyle” Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom, and Shonky – vibe brothers in the studio, DJ booth and in life, came together in 2012 to create a musical phenomenon called Apollonia. The three...

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Exclusive Interview With Sidney Charles

January 29, 2015 | Amsterdam

Sidney Charles, a name on everyones lips at the moment, is a DJ/Producer from Hamburg, Germany. Known for very punchy house music that has a strong hip hop vibe with a mix of old an new, Sidney was the top charted act on Resident Advisor 2013. And no wonder, his energetic music is built for...

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Exclusive Interview With Luca Cazal

January 24, 2015 | Amsterdam

Interview: Steve Rickson Write up: Axel Röhr Luca Cazal, where to even start… With a track record as absurdly high quality as Luca’s, it’s very hard to pick what to highlight. He’s a member of Hot Natured, Infinity Ink and Luca C & Brigante. Having released on Crosstown Rebels, Hot Creations and running his own label Double Drop with Brigante,...

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Exclusive Interview With Premiesku

January 20, 2015 | Amsterdam

Romanian duo Livio & Roby, together with their pal George G, sometimes like to play with words, make anagrams or combine formulas. As a result of this game, they derived a name „Premiesku“ for their mutual project, suggesting „premiere“ which resonates as a Romanian name. That is what their collaboration is about – a unique...

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Exclusive Interview With KiNK

January 14, 2015 | Amsterdam

“I am now completely free, I can do whatever I want.” After years spent experimenting with machines and stretching his capabilities on a sub-cultural level, Bulgarian producer KiNK has rightfully become a name on everyone’s lips. Blending and contorting the lines between techno, acid, house and bass music, Strahil Velchev has captured the ears, minds...

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Exclusive interview with John Digweed

January 8, 2015 | Amsterdam

“Be consistent, work hard and be nice to people.” Originally from England John Digweed arrived on the global scene over two decades ago to become one of the most respected names in the industry and leave his mark in the history of dance music. His list of achievements is groundbreaking to say the least. He...

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Exclusive Interview With Miguel Campbell

January 6, 2015 | Amsterdam

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Miguel Campbell has been an active member of the UK house music movement since the early 90’s and has been DJing around from that period onwards. In 2006 he founded his label Outcross Records and consequently released his first LP titled Community Funk. We were more than happy to have...

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Exclusive Interview With Matador

December 29, 2014 | Amsterdam

The pride of Ireland’s underground techno scene Gavin Lynch, better known to worldwide audiences as Matador, has been on quite a roll over the past handful of years. With his distinct driving techno sound, rooted in technicality, yet remaining ever faithful to the (darker-the-better) dance floor, Matador has carved himself a prominent role within the...

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The name Floris Groeneveld probably doesn’t ring a bell with most deep house followers. Nevertheless, Floris is an influential entity in the scene. As a booker for Apenkooi events he is responsible for the programming of parties and festivals like STRAF_WERK, DGTL, Valhalla, Amsterdam Open Air and (more recently) the new venue De Marktkantine. During...

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Exclusive Interview with Claptone

December 12, 2014 | Amsterdam

Interview: Nadezhda Georgieva Write-up: Steve Rickinson Shrouded within the mysteries of intergalactic temporality, Claptone’s time on Earth has brought an array of soulful sounds rooted in the house of Chicago, perfected in caverns of Berlin and displayed to endearing fans throughout the world. As a DJ, Producer, Remixer and Cosmic, Time Defying Entity, Claptone’s synth...

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