• Interview-Heidi-Hideout-Festival-2017
    30 2017 March

    Interview: Heidi

    Anyone who has experienced her Jackathon events knows that Heidi has a passion for music and fiery nature. Having worked hard over the past decade to make her mark on the new house and techno...

  • interview-acid pauli
    29 2017 March

    Interview: Acid Pauli

    Synonymous with a certain aesthetic and approach towards the culture of electronic music, Acid Pauli (aka Martin Gretschmann) is as eclectic and determined an artist can get. Known for transcending traditional House and Techno sounds...

  • interview-riva-starr
    22 2017 March

    Interview: Riva Starr

    Ever since his infamous debuts on Made To Play and DirtyBird, Riva Starr has taken a brave dive into a new world of beats, letting the music speak for itself. Riva records range with the...

Exclusive Interview with Mees Dierdorp

December 26, 2013 | Amsterdam

Early in his life, Mees Dierdorp wondered how sound could influence the human body. While scratching with his grandmother’s record player, he communicated with the birds on the roof. Even hearing melodies in the woods between the trees, something had to be made, that much was clear. Mees is currently working on a variety of projects. Tricky...

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Exclusive Interview With Navid Izadi

November 12, 2013 | Amsterdam

Hailing from San Fransisco, Navid Izadi makes it an art to combine multiple influences in his music, his earlier experiences constantly resonating through his productions. But his creative output doesn’t stop there. Besides Dj’ing and producing groovy tracks, Navid Izadi has done a few vocal features on tracks from the likes of Soul Clap and PillowTalk. He  writes...

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Exclusive Interview with Eric Volta

November 6, 2013 | Amsterdam

We’re very proud to have Eric Volta behind the decks during our third instalment of SUB/FIX this Friday. So before he makes his way to Amsterdam we thought it was a good idea to have a bit of banter with the underground renegade. Since his releases on Visionquest and No.19, the Berlin-based virtuoso’s career is...

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In 2009, two British DJ/producers with an impressive set of credentials set up One Records. Their project was inspired by the underground parties they went to when they were youths. The productions that are released on OR try to encapsulate the roughness and energy that one feels on those underground parties. The two honchos Adam Shelton...

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Exclusive Interview With Mario Basanov

October 22, 2013 | Amsterdam

Prior to a busy Amsterdam Dance Event I got the opportunity to have a chat with a producer whose tracks have been in my collection for a long time already. Not defined easily, and like every artist this man doesn’t like to be put in boxes. An excerpt of my conversation with Mario Basanov, offering...

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Exclusive Interview with Adana Twins

October 21, 2013 | Amsterdam

Adana Twins need little introduction. These two Hamburg-born house lovers are one of the building blocks of the Exploited imprint, have had numerous smash hits like Strange and Everyday and now play in sold out venues across the globe, week after week. So let’s just jump right in, because we had a quickie with Friso...

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Exclusive Interview with Andre Crom

October 16, 2013 | Amsterdam

Andre Crom is a DJ whose DJ sets move fluidly from sleazy deep underground tunes to jacking house to slow-burning groovers. As label manager for OFF Recordings he tries to implement this variety in style as well. But above all, Crom and OFF release music to give people on the dance floor a good time,...

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Exclusive Interview With Chris Carrier

October 14, 2013 | Amsterdam

Some people are just born to make music. Parisian Chris Carrier is one of those people. For more than a decade monsieur Carrier has released over one hundred records and remixes for a variety of labels. Although not as popular as he should be, Carrier is revered by connoisseurs as one of the most gifted producers in...

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Exclusive Interview with Shadow Child

October 11, 2013 | Amsterdam

Shadow Child is at the top of the UK house scene at the moment. With hits like String Thing, 23 and Feel Real, recognisable by their signature underground, bass-led grooves, this high-flyer has shot through the ranks quite impressively in the last couple of years, and then to think that Shadow Child was once just...

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Exclusive Interview with Walker & Royce

October 10, 2013 | Amsterdam

Brooklyn-based house associates Walker & Royce have put their mark on the electronic landscape the last couple of years, with hot singles and remixes for Crosstown Rebels, LouLou, Nurvous and Off Recordings. Their style is deep, dark and sexy. We’re happy to see these guys visit our town for ADE next week, playing at Unconditional...

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Exclusive Interview with PBR Streetgang

October 10, 2013 | Amsterdam

The name of this Leeds based duo, PBR Streetgang, is a reference to a late 70’s American war movie by the name of Apocalypse Now. Their interest in the 70’s can be clearly heard in their music as well. Disco and other early forms of house make up most of their productions and DJ sets....

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Mix #076 + Exclusive Interview with Job Jobse

October 4, 2013 | Amsterdam

We have combined an interview and a mixtape today, both from one of Holland’s most promising talents. He’s 23 years young, born and raised in Amsterdam and understands our capitals nightlife like no other. He has made huge leaps forward in his musical career the last couple of months. He just got back from a...

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Exclusive Interview with Noir

October 3, 2013 | Amsterdam

He’s had more than ten years of experience in the upper echelons of the electronic music scene, is regularly applauded and acclaimed for his productions by veterans like Carl Cox, Luciano and Roger Sanchez, and he founded and runs a well-respected label in his spare time. We are talking about Denmark’s Noir, aka René Kristensen....

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Exclusive interview with H.O.S.H.

September 30, 2013 | Amsterdam

He is renowned as one of the leading innovators, functions as one of the indispensable pillars of the Diynamic family and has enough interesting solo projects planned that some people would need two lifetime’s for to achieve. We are talking about Holger Behn, aka H.O.S.H. Who is first and foremost a DJ, sequencing shaman-like musical...

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Exclusive Interview with Dana Ruh

September 20, 2013 | Amsterdam

A deep, sexy mixture of house and techno, that’s maybe the best way to describe the music of Dana Ruh. Born in Gera, Germany, but soon found her way to Berlin to let her artistic heart beat faster. She started out her DJ career in 2005, started her own label, Brouqade, in 2007 and released...

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