• 13 2018 February

    ‘All Through The Night’ Interview: Lehar

    No stranger to DHA, Lehar’s emotional sets reflects his approach to life: spontaneous and passionate. Aiming to create a night the provides as much as possible, the Dynamic favorite has designed and built his “All...

  • dha-interview-dusky
    24 2018 January

    Interview: Dusky

    Started in 2014, Dusky’s 17 Steps imprint has put out a consistent stream of cutting-edge electronic music release, as well as acting as the primary platform’s for the duo themselves. In its existence, artists like...

  • dha-interview-swayzak
    22 2018 January

    Interview: Swayzak

    Continuing to champion the rogue sensibility that united Swayzak over 20 years ago, David Brown presents a retrospective of works from the past 20 years – ‘Lost Tapes’. Formed in 1993, Swayzak immediately dedicated themselves...

Mix #076 + Exclusive Interview with Job Jobse

October 4, 2013 | Amsterdam

We have combined an interview and a mixtape today, both from one of Holland’s most promising talents. He’s 23 years young, born and raised in Amsterdam and understands our capitals nightlife like no other. He has made huge leaps forward in his musical career the last couple of months. He just got back from a...

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Exclusive Interview with Noir

October 3, 2013 | Amsterdam

He’s had more than ten years of experience in the upper echelons of the electronic music scene, is regularly applauded and acclaimed for his productions by veterans like Carl Cox, Luciano and Roger Sanchez, and he founded and runs a well-respected label in his spare time. We are talking about Denmark’s Noir, aka René Kristensen....

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Exclusive interview with H.O.S.H.

September 30, 2013 | Amsterdam

He is renowned as one of the leading innovators, functions as one of the indispensable pillars of the Diynamic family and has enough interesting solo projects planned that some people would need two lifetime’s for to achieve. We are talking about Holger Behn, aka H.O.S.H. Who is first and foremost a DJ, sequencing shaman-like musical...

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Exclusive Interview with Dana Ruh

September 20, 2013 | Amsterdam

A deep, sexy mixture of house and techno, that’s maybe the best way to describe the music of Dana Ruh. Born in Gera, Germany, but soon found her way to Berlin to let her artistic heart beat faster. She started out her DJ career in 2005, started her own label, Brouqade, in 2007 and released...

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Out of the Ordinary with Andhim

September 19, 2013 | Amsterdam

Their reputation is questionable, their music is ‘super house’ and their career has been pretty impressive so far, to say the least. Meet Andhim, two Cologne natives with a talent for creating the unconventional in electronic music. They found some time in their schedule to have a cozy heart-to-heart about a variety of subjects: favourite...

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Exclusive Interview with Audiojack

September 13, 2013 | Amsterdam

After one of the hottest sets at Straf_Werk Festival, I met up with Audiojack’s James and Richard at the Other Mainstage at Straf_Werk Festival. They wanted to do the interview right after the gig, so after walking around the other stages for a while we sat down on the grass near the entrance of the...

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Exclusive interview with COMA

September 6, 2013 | Amsterdam

For Next Mondays Hangover festival, one of the last remaining festivals this season, the German duo COMA will pay a visit to Amsterdam. With a line-up that is going to let us hear and feel the deeper and progressive side of electronic dance music, these boys fit right in. We had a chat with them...

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Out of the ordinary with Thugfucker

August 14, 2013 | Amsterdam

Do you also find yourself bored sometimes after reading just a couple lines of text and loosing your focus, wondering what you just have read? Today we start with a new series of interviews, called: Out of the ordinary, which is about fun, craziness but also some serious stuff in between. At Welcome to the Future we...

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Exclusive Interview with Amine Edge

August 7, 2013 | Amsterdam

Amine Edge, Gangster DJ from the dance scene, is playing coming sunday at Straf_werk Festival. This time without his fellow mate DANCE. His image as a badboy with guns in pictures and showing off as a gangster, is that really how Amine is? We had a little chat with him to find out! ‘Shit with...

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Exclusive Interview with Tom Trago

July 18, 2013 | Amsterdam

We had a little chat with Tom Trago on Skype and talked about his upcoming album, his gig at Buiten Westen this Saturday, the need of collaboration between a human and computer and most importantly, to which music Tom likes to have sex. “I try and keep a human feel to my music by recording...

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Exclusive Interview with Adriatique

July 12, 2013 | Amsterdam

2 guys named Adrian met each other back in 2008 in a club in Germany and were both really impressed by each other’s set. They became good friends and started producing under the name Adriatique. They now live together in Zurich; it sounds almost like a fairy tale with a happy ending. But the end...

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Exclusive Interview with Solomun

July 5, 2013 | Amsterdam

So we know that Solomun is the label boss of Diynamic and started it in 2006 together with his friend Adriano. The label has grown to 13 artist now and one of those is our own dutch Karmon. Solomun won the Ibiza EDM Award for best producer last year and is mostly influenced by Hip-Hop,...

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STUDIO BARNHUS INTERVIEW (Axel Boman, Kornel Kovacs & Petter Nordkvist) Studio Barnhus, a collaboration between 3 very talented individuals making music with their own distinctive style. This was expressed in both a label as a dj trio, and no not in a sexual way, just three dj’s playing together… with music. We had the honor...

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Exclusive interview with Rodriguez Jr.

April 4, 2013 | Amsterdam

On July 13th, A Day At The Park will be throwing a party at ‘Het Amsterdamse Bos’, where Rodriguez Jr. plays a live set. We are happy to announce this interview with a world-renowned artist, who has a busy life being the famous Rodriguez Jr. and on the other hand a family man. – In real life...

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Exclusive interview with Los Suruba

March 15, 2013 | Amsterdam

On the 8th of February ‘We Are E‘ celebrated their 4 Year Anniversary with the Spanish duo ‘Los Suruba‘ headlining the party in Studio 80. We had the honor to do an interview with the guys. For this evening we plannend to have a video recording of the interview and tried it for 1,2,3 or...

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