Jim Morrison Predicted Electronic Dance Music In 1969

In a video that has been online for some time but has apparently been re-discovered by various dance music artists and platforms, all-round legend and one of the undisputed emperors of rock ‘n’ roll Jim Morrison makes a frighteningly apt prediction on what music will look and sound like in the not too distant future.

“I can envision one person, with a lot of machines, tapes, setups.. Singing or speaking using machines”.

The images come from an interview where we see a heavily bearded Morrison surrounded by his band mates. What’s surprising is that this interview was held in 1969, way before there was even a hint of what was about to happen in Germany, let alone Chicago and Detroit. A year later Kraftwerk released their debut ‘Kraftwerk 1’ (which then still featured real drummers), but their historic ‘The Man-Machine’ would take nearly ten years longer to appear.