Label Showcase 32: SoHaSo

Describe 3 seminal moments in SoHaSo existence?
Every release has a story I’m super proud of, but to name 3. The first release off course, since that is where it’s all started and I’m still as much in love with the music as I was when I first heard it. Then the SOMEWHERE compilations, which contain material from a lot of friends, it felt really special to bring them all together to showcase the broad sound that SoHaSo stands for. And the last Kiani & His Legion EP from this year, with his distinctive sound and the trippy Fatima Yamaha remix. I can’t wait to release his next ep in 2017!

Most disappointing/ funny moment in SoHaSo existence?
Funny moments are working with Michel (LoE), it’s always a good laugh with this guy and is part of the personal connection I talked about before. With a couple of graphic designers, we had some deadline stress but it was never disappointing.

Describe SoHaSo album artwork?
We pay a lot of attention to the artwork of every release we put out. As you can tell from the covers so far, they can sometimes be very different than the one before but they build a strong and intriguing world that fits the music and have shared aesthetics. The artwork has to tell a story, that’s part of the name Something Happening Somewhere. I try to invite new designers, and when I contact them I present them with the title of the release and the background story and then let them work on delivering the story concept and encourage them to work with whatever medium they find fitting to that story. It’s a back and forth process, which can take up a lot of time, but it’s always worth it when we see the final result printed.

Best SoHaSo showcase?
I really enjoyed our showcase in London at Corsica studios x We Concur with The Drifter, Love over Entropy and Polynation. Also the one we did at ADE two years back together with Maeve, there was incredible vibe on that Sunday night of ADE. Last but not least, the very first one we did which was with Mano Le Tough and Love over Entropy’s first live set at the Tivoli de Helling in Utrecht.

Would you share a story on how did any of your artists join the label?
Regarding Kiani & His Legion, I was a big fan of his music on We Play House and I just send him an email trough Soundcloud if he had any unreleased music. He will release a new ep on the label next year that I can tell is going to be killer again! The same thing goes for Kurt Baggaley.

Dream SoHaSo artist?
I would love to do a deep trippy Sterac record on SoHaSo.

Most important business/music app/program/software?
I really like Bandcamp which I believe is one of the best platforms to release music nowadays. Do it your own style! I think this will become much bigger in the future, to buy directly from the label or artist and have direct contact with your fans.

Longest Day(s) ever worked?

Upcoming projects?
As said, we will release a bit more music in 2017 so we have quite a few releases coming up. First up is Quince’s Rif EP which is out this Friday, then we will have my own EP, a new SOMEWHERE compilation, new music by Kiani & His Legion, Polynation and Love over Entropy. Upcoming label nights in Paradigm, Beirut, Istanbul, Utrecht and not forgetting our upcoming 3 year showcase this Saturday the 17th of December in Utrecht with Midland and a lot of the SoHaSo  artists which is going to be special. A lot already and there are other exciting things I can’t unveil yet!

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Any photos from the label life J?
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SoHaSo: 3 year anniversary is Saturday, December 17 at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht

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Nathan Fake – Peary Land (Saw)
Johannes Heil – Scene Two (Exile)
Q3A – Untitled (Delsin)
Sigward – Black Mambo (Simon Garcia Remix) SoHaSo
Love Over Entropy – Off The Grid (Versalife Remix) SoHaSo
Anthony Rother – Love is For The Hardest People (Kanzleramt)
Quince – Stop (SoHaSo)
Mike Dehnert – How Close To Be (Pampa)
Forthcoming (SoHaSo)
Professor Genius – Assassins (Steve Moore Remix) (Lies)
Beyond The Wizards Sleeve – The Soft Bounce (Daniel Avery Rework)
Theorem – Mantra One (Plus 8)
Stefan Vincent – How It Could’ve Been (SoHaSo)
Skudge – Aloft (Skudge)
Kiani & His Legion – Voigt Kampff (SoHaSo)

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