Genii – The individual instance of a general divine nature that is present in every individual person, place, or thing; multiplied by numerous spirits throughout all dimensions.

Besides being the head honcho of Alter Ego from the beginning, and nowadays as music programmer of Kultlab, this musical creature is also the founder of the Dialoque band project.

Since starting the Genii project three years ago he has released music on labels such as Feines Tier, Underyourskin, Happy Camper Records, and soon on Alter Ego’s own upcoming imprint: Hoodoo.

Weaving the old with the new
Exploring the known and the unknown.
Time is just irrelevant,
It’s the journey that matters
Stories are forever…
Mystery Repeats!

We’re excited to bring you this super fresh new live set from Genii as our DHA AM mix #260.

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Djonez (Feines Tier 010)
Supernova (ft Dialoque & SpaceAgePoetry) (KROOKS)
Dancing in Between the Stars
Midnight on Top of Montpreti
Niels Freidel – Just You (Genii Remix)
Mind of The Machine (Feines Tier 010)
Es ist am Besten Wir Gehen Jetzt (Genii remix) (USY058)
Japanese Sunshine (Hoodoo)
Little People – Aldgate Patterns (Genii interpretation)