A few months age Tube & Berger dropped a seriously hot mix on us in conjunction with our friends at the excellent We Are FSTVL, one of the summer’s best UK festivals. Now they’re back to have a little chat with us. As you can imagine, they’ve been pretty busy over the summer and so, they have a lot to say for themselves, so read on… and check out the mix at the end of this interview, too.

How has summer been for you, do you prefer it to winter, in terms of the gigs you play i.e. festival vs clubs or…?
TB: It was a wild and busy summer and we’re both happy that it gets a bit more chilled in Winter. On the other hand we’ll be touring Australia and the US so the weather will be hot and there are some festivals waiting for us in Oz.

How did you guys first meet, when and why do you get on so well? What’s great about each other?
TB: We first met on the school bus and wanted to punch each other in the face. We soon found out that we are interested in the same things: Beer, girls and music. We are totally different from one another and we know each other for 20 years. Sometimes it’s not easy but we are a team and we trust each other.

Does each of you have a set role in the studio and DJ booth – who does what? Maybe you both do everything?
TB: True! We both (try) do everything in the studio. The results are pretty funny sometimes. We play some kind of hybrid live / DJ set. Tube is using CDJs with Rekordbox and Berger uses Ableton Live and plays samples and edits and sometimes it’s like a jam session. Nobody knows what will happen next…

Tell us about your Entourage EP – what inspired it, where was it written etc?
TB: Talking about jam sessions we also have them in our studio, with our friends. Ante Perry, Paji and In.deed are not only friends, they are brilliant musicians and so we joined forces with our “entourage” and will release three tracks that we totally love!


Are you hard or software men? Why? Have you got an yideal bits of kit you would like to buy?
TB: We grew up using only software. Later we bought some hardware but most of it we sold because software got better and better and we were constantly broke. BUT… We love using real instruments like guitars, xylophones and so on.

Does it take you a long time to make a track or are you guys who work quickly? Do you have a proper studio or can you work on the road?
TB: We are the kind of producers that need a loooong time until we are satisfied. We are not good at finishing tracks on the road and one in ten tracks is quickly finished. We are used to this process. Our manager sometimes sometimes wonders why we are so slow but it’s finished when it’s finished. Whenever we tried to be fast it was a disaster.

You play ADE again soon – does any real work get done at conferences like these?
TB: Well.. We wouldn’t say yes but it’s not a definitive no either. You hear the latest gossip, you meet people you haven’t met in a long time and sometimes ideas pop up after your 17th Heineken. We once had a meeting in a coffee shop but nobody could remember what the meeting was about.

Any top tips for people coming to Amsterdam – is it a city you like much?
TB: We both love Amsterdam and have been there many times, as tourists and as DJs. The area around ADE is full of nice restaurants, bars and second-hand shops. A yearly ritual for us is going to the pancake place around the block and later on we meet with a bunch of people in the bar up the road. We’re also looking forward to play at the events of Armada, Suara and Pete Tong. See you there!!!

What else have you got coming up/are you excited about?
TB: We have a nice compilation coming up on Armada in November. It’s called Deeper Sessions just like our radio show we host on Sirius.xm.
 But we are even more excited about the fact that we started working on our second studio album which will be released in summer 2015.

If you could own one track no other DJ could ever play, what would it be and why?
TB: Well… That’s a tricky question. We have a few of those tracks but we can’t really talk about it. At least you guys now know one of the reasons why girls always turn up naked to our gigs.

Tube & Berger play for All Gone Pete Tong at AIR in Amsterdam next week at ADE, for more information click here.

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