Can you also walk us through a bit about the artwork you choose for each release?
We all collectively scowl books, film and the Internet for inspirational old school artwork that we feel fits both tracks on each release. We then work in close connection with an amazing designer who works his magic to design something we all collectively love. We’re obsessed with the concept of retro futurism, designs from the 80s that predicted what the future could one day look like. We feel this goes hand in hand with the music we release which is a tip of the cap to the analogue approach whilst having a modern day feel. We get just excited about the artwork as we do the music. We wanted to essentially tell a story throughout each release so you’ll see the space man in our logo aka ‘Norm’ feature heavily throughout.

What about your event series? How does the series coincide with the label and vice versa?
We run intimate parties which are 250 cap based in London with amazing sound and cosmic production elements which for us is essential! Once we had the first two events under our belt the plan was for each party to co-inside with a brand new release.

Your September 30 event is at London’s Bar A Bar, has this been the permanent venue for your events and if so why?
We love that place, it’s such a hidden gem with lovely staff, great management, cool parties and a surrounding area that understands nightlife. The layout and low ceilings really help to create an amazing vibe from start to finish. It’s a bit rough around the edges but that totally gives it genuine character and suits us fine as having all grown up in London – we wouldn’t want to club any other way. We also regularly work in close connection with the Marbles And Ware Collective, some close friends of ours that add their creative interpretation to provide the perfect backdrop for hearing what we’re all about. We also bring in extra low-end sound and those things combined help to make the venue feel like home.

How do you envision your growth as a label and as a brand from here on out?
We understand that one of the key factors in the label being a true success is continued momentum across all platforms. Going forward we will be picking up the pace with our forthcoming releases and aim to have another four out in 2017. For us it will always be more about quality over quantity. We have such high hopes for the label and we’re looking to take this as far as we can. Some of our inspirations include labels such as Sushitech, FUSE London and Fathers and Sons Recordings and we’d love to emulate some of their success with our own PN stamp.

What is the one thing you would like audiences to know about Planetary Notions? Meaning, what do you consider to be the driving force behind the label?
For us the driving force behind the label is our love for each other, the love for our residents and the love for our followers dedicated to the dance floor at each event. We’ve had some amazing support from the very start and it’s that foundation that is truly the driving force behind what we do. So far Planetary Notions has very much been a family affair but it’s not a members club… We’re for those that know or those seeking to discover!

Lovers Fall” EP is available 6 October. Pre Order

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