Interview: Hernan Cattaneo

How does the satisfaction of discovering quality new music compare to the satisfaction of playing a quality DJ set?
I see it as part of the same thing. To play a quality set, you always want to surprise the crowd, so 90% of the music you play is new and mostly unreleased. Finding the new stuff is always exciting and getting a good reaction when playing it, it’s the most rewarding thing a DJ can ever have.

How do you manage the rigours of touring, especially during the summer season? Do you have any specific practices to maintain health and mindfulness?
First of all, I really love what I do. Since I was a kid, I always wanted to share the music I like with other people and this is what I’ve been doing in the last 30 years, only now at a larger scale, but you can never get tired of that. Of course flying 200 planes a year is not fun, but there is no room for complaints. I try to eat good stuff, no smoke or drugs and of course that helps a lot.

How do you cope with the separation from your family?
That´s the most difficult part for a touring DJ. I make a big effort by going in and out from home and spent as much time as I can with my wife & daughters. Also take weekends off here and there and give them quality time when we are together. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

What do you think of the situation with Messi and his taxes? Are you part of the #WeAreAllLeoMessi crowd?
I don’t think he was aware of this. Probably his team is way more responsible than him. But of course, he signed the papers and he should have read first. I support him, but its the justice who decides.

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