Have you embraced the idea of traveling more recently?
Definitely a love and hate thing. I love being in different places all the time, I just can’t stand the whole airport thing. Take of your shoes, put on your shoes, are you wearing shoes…you know, the times that we live in make it hard to do things as easily as we used to.

What have been some of your favorite destinations in the last couple of years?

How do you think working on Hip Hop/R&B/Pop tracks has influenced your approach to house music production?
I use the experiences that I have had before to influence what I do when they relate to what I am working on or if it inspires a new idea.

What about DJing?
Same answer, if I like something I find a way to put it into my sets.

How has your studio setup changed over the years?
Well, it has gone from bare to kitted out to my laptop and now it is really fantastic again.

What is a “go to” piece of gear for you now?
Can’t really answer that since it depends on what I am doing

What if I asked you that question 15 years ago?
Strangely enough, probably the same answer.

In May you’ll stop over at London’s We Are FSTVL with your own “MK Area 10” stage. What was your approach to curating this lineup? What is your philosophy behind “Area 10”?
Yes, I am pretty excited about it. Area 10 is pretty much curated by me and I have a few people that help me put it together.

The philosophy of Area 10 if there is one would have to be just follow your passion, don’t let other people discourage you, stick to your gut instincts, it will happen…

Area 10 was the area of the parking lot that I was responsible for when I had my one and only job while I was a teenager, Area 10 was my section of the parking garage that I was responsible.

On the same topic, how do you choose what festivals and/or destinations you want to bring such a project like “Area 10”. What criteria do you set and how does We Are FSTVL satisfy that criteria?
There is not one answer to this, some you choose and others choose you, and then you decide which of them you are interested in

Finally, how are you preparing for the rigorous summer schedule? And what releases do you have coming up?
Well, honestly I have been planning and thinking a lot about this. I am going on a cleanse, working out everyday and being sensible about my party time.

MK & Becky Hill “Piece Of Me” is now available

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28 & 29 May | We Are FSTVL | Tickets | London