Explain the concept behind your new ‘Night Colours’ series?
This is just a one off fun thing we felt like doing – We are really fortunate to work with some amazing labels and we think all artists should get paid for their music… we are in a great position this summer whereby we are playing some really fun parties and we just felt like marking summer 2015 – and the gigs – by giving away some fresh music; put out in our own way and in our own time. We are having a lot of fun with it!

As you released the first track ‘System Bumper’ as a free download, what was you strategy behind this?
No strategy really, we made a tune and felt like giving it away – that was it!

Why is the series called ‘Night Colours’?
Well we wanted something that’s associated with our own name and as most things we do are at night haha.

In the studio and on the road, what are the essential pieces of gear for you guys? 
We recently got ourselves Komplete Kontrol with the S49 by Native instruments so we’ve got so much in one place which is great if you’re massive neat freaks ( like us ) so that’s been essential for us of late. We’ve also recently purchased some kit from the new Roland Aira series so we’re looking forward to getting stuck in with that.

Looking at some of your upcoming dates, your Groovefest performance 
stood out to me. As you were there last year, can you give us some of your impressions on that event, as well as the Dominican Republic in general?
It’s a compete unique experience throwing parties in different parts of an all inclusive 5* complex, the line ups have always been great but this year they’ve really stepped it up. This will be our third time playing there and we can’t wait to get back, its such a great family vibe & some of the villa after parties are insane. In terms of Dominican Republic itself, it has amazing beaches and the people very welcoming. We have made some friends there now.

As we are Amsterdam-based media, I have to ask, what is your relationship like with the city? 
We love Amsterdam! We’ve been lucky enough to have been asked to play there a few times now and it’s always been great, we love the mentality of everyone – so chilled but so ready to party at the same time!

Do you have particularly memorable Amsterdam story (that you’re willing to share, of course)?
Hahaha, not so much a story, but our favourite gig there (in fact one of our favourite gigs we’ve played anywhere) was Strafwerk in 2012, playing alongside Jamie Jones, was one hell of a party…Well, what we can remember of it anyway 😉


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