What qualities do you look for in a Atjazz Record Company artist?
Attitude, a want for personal growth and personal achievements, good listeners who can take it on the chin, and people who have good advice for their label family.

Describe 3 seminal moments in Atjazz Record Company existence?
1, Our legendary ADE parties
2, Owning the master rights to Jullian Gomes’s “Love Song 28”
3, Creating a loved go-to label which means everything to us all.

Most disappointing moment in Atjazz Record Company existence?
None to date… we learn from everything, turning negatives into positives.

Describe Atjazz Record Company album artwork?
Interesting and intriguing photography with deep colourisation and a definite eye catching style. The circle in the center is a respect to the days of vinyl. These days the attention span of people is very short, they need to see the sleeve and know it’s an ARCo. release. We see Stuart Boyd as of the label artists, yes he’s a graphic designer but he is part of the machine.

Best Atjazz Record Company showcase?
Either, the Atjazz & Friends parties at ADE or Exist live at Southport Weekender (Atjazz & Karizma with full band)

Worst Atjazz Record Company showcase?
Gigs that don’t pay and upset artists. Not too many to talk about and we won’t point the finger.

Dream Atjazz Record Company artist?
We already have them…

Most important business/music app/program/software?
I always urge the guys to use social media and to try their best at being interesting on there. It’s hard to keep the public interested on a daily basis. But we use Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Song Kick & Resident Advisor. One little tweaky trick is to use IFTTT – I’ll leave you to find that.

Longest Day(s) ever worked?
Awake 46 Hours before a gig after traveling 7,000 miles.

Asia Tours are also killer… Being away for days on end on flights and then not sleeping… Really harsh on the body and takes years off your life.

Upcoming projects?
Atjazz & Zano – Truth (Part1 & Part2)
Jullian Gomes – Late Dreamer (Album)
Thee Gobbs – It’s Time (Album)
Karizma – Tech Dis Out (Atjazz & Osunlade Remixes)
Ben Gomori – Monochord
Atjazz – 20YA That Something Else (20 Year Celebration triple album)
Craig Smith & Peacey – (Album)


Tomahawk Bang (Album)
Ben Marc (Album)
Si Tew (Album)
Atjazz & Jullian Gomes (Album)
Mist Works (Album)

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01. Ben Marc – Safe Sounds – Atjazz Record Company
02. At One – La Music (Dub) – Atjazz Record Company
03. Tomahawk Bang – Dusty Footwork (Atjazz Edit) – Atjazz Record Company
04. Dj Tipz – Lifetime (feat. Kholi) [Eric Ericksson Dub) – Atjazz Record Company (Coming Soon)
05. Rancido – Thief (Atjazz Remix) – Atjazz Record Company
06. Atjazz & Zano – Truth – Atjazz Record Company
07. Jullian Gomes – Love Song 28 (feat. Bobby) [Charles Webster Mix 1) – Atjazz Record Company
08. D-Malice – Phases (Expression Dub) – Atjazz Record Company
09. Karizma – Tech Dis Out (Re-Master) – Atjazz Record Company (Coming Soon)
10. Ben Marc – Wait (Si Tew Remix) – Atjazz Record Company
11. Si Tew – Jokes On Me (feat. Kylie Aldist) [Kyodai Remix] – Atjazz Record Company (Coming Soon)
12. Fred Everything – Ô (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Remix) – Atjazz Record Company