Last week we had a brilliant chat with the Italian duo known as Flashmob. The guys told us all about what they’ve been up to and how they’re planning to get back into the studio to roll out some more great club bangers. This week they’ve given us a fantastic new mix, exclusive to Deep House London.

Danny and Allesandro were successful producers in their own right before the Flashmob project came into being. But they found they’d fallen into the trap of producing music for the sake of getting it out there, which is easily done in this industry and happens to everyone at some point.

Rather than continue on that path, the duo took a step back and decided to go back to basics. It’s an ingenious move that has led to both men discovering a newfound love for house and has made them a global success.

Anyone who has torn up the dance floor to Need In Me, Hot or any of their other great releases, will attest to that. Likewise, their DJ sets are dynamic, full of energy and guaranteed to rock crowds from Chicago to Sydney and everywhere in between.

Check out their great mix by clicking on the player below and enjoy this latest instalment in our mixtape series.

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