American dance music has been exploding at a vast rate in recent years. One of the key players in the scene in that time is Electric Zoo. The New York Festival has always managed to offer a mesmeric selection of big name and up and coming acts that keep hungry day global ravers happy. in 2016 that was the case again and this year the festival build on the success of previous years with an expanded and broader line up.

Before you even hear a beat you are entranced by Electric Zoo. It takes place on Randall’s Island and so has a pretty incredible backdrop in the form of the NYC sky line that begins to glow like a future metropolis as the light fades and artificial lighting takes over. Electric Zoo’s own lighting and production in general is also out of this world.

Each stage is a vast and expertly designed and decorated thing that is like a piece of art in itself. Hilltop Stage is one of these and is styled like a vast and giant polar bear’s cave complete with lighting to match. Many names not known to those outside the US play here such as Moore Monster and G Jones as well as Funtcase and it is a sight to behold when the stage and DJs playing it are in full flow.

Big screens and great food and drinks offerings, LED visuals and punch sound systems all make sure the basics at Electric Zoo are covered. The crowd is a fine mix of people from all over the pace and from all musical backgrounds. Form candy ravers to indie kids turned onto dance in recent years it is a fine melting pot. For us the highlight of day one was the Main Stage show from Flux Pavilion.

Day Two also had many highlights though, and also offered plenty of chill out areas for anyone struggling to keep up with the antics. In all 80, 000 people rock up to the event and it all passes safely thanks to great on sight management.

Stretching into day three and bodies and minds are weary but still people flock to catch as many beats as possible. Getter and Valentino Kahn stand out and there are many other great surprises from DJs we didn’t know the names of – but that the joy of Electric Zoo – it is a place where you can really learn about music you didn’t know before and find new favourites. As such it was once again a huge success in 2016.