Continuing the journey through the Past, Present & Future campaign at Cr2, one will eventually arrive at 2015’s Henrix & Celeda ‘The Underground’.

Undoubtedly the original is the sound of a certain time in dance music or rather, EDM, representing a far harder side of electronic music with thundering drops rolling forward at 128bpm. However, in 2017 the sound of ‘Electronic Dance Music’ has seen a shift into the mainstream and as with previous Past, Present & Future selected tracks, it was time to bring ‘The Underground’ into 2017.

Fortunately Dresden based Producers and DJ’s Raumakustik were available to incorporate their signature underground tech house and techno sound to create an acid-tinged, 3am warehouse anthem suitable for Berlin dance floors to Ibiza beach bars.

“The Underground” is available 6 October on Cr2 Records PRE ORDER

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