City Sessions is a new party series in Mumbai that looks to push the scene forward. It will take place on November 18th and 19th and will take over various venues in the city. The line-up is a fierce one that brings some key underground acts to the city for the first time including the likes of Jimpster, Pangaea, Tessela, Compa and more.

The new series is the brain child of the people behind Future Theory, a well established Asian festival that has help develop the local scene. Here we speak to one of the people behind the new City Sessions to find out where they come from, what their plans are and about the details of what is sure to be a great new addition to the Indian clubbing landscape.

“Future Theory focuses on curating the edgy, bolder style of dance music.”

Introduce yourself and give us some background on how you got involved in promoting?
Well we are not really promoters as such. Future Theory is pretty much the only music event me and my partner throw. Music & partying has been at the heart of both of us all our lives. My partner in the festival Punita is a professional photographer and has a talent for organising / throwing epic parties while I have been DJ’ing for 10+ years & a booker for DJ’s / Entertainers at clubs in India. We knew at some point we would end up throwing our own festival and so we did in Feb 2016. Which was the first season of Future Theory.

What is the Indian dance scene like? What sounds, artist and labels are big right now?
The scene is pretty diverse. People are listening to a lot of different styles of dance music but however the number of people actively participating in the culture or attending the events / parties is not a very big number yet.

How did the idea for this new series come to you? What gap are you plugging?
We wanted to throw a party which would be a reflection of our aesthetics musically as well as an experience. My taste in music keeps changing / evolving as i love to dig for new & old music and I know for a fact their are plenty of us out their who dig the slightly more edgier style of dance music. Future Theory focuses on curating the edgy, bolder style of dance music.

Where and when will it take place? What venues will you use?
This season we are unveiling a more accessible & boutique version of the brand i.e. City Sessions. This will take place at Razzbery Rhinoceros, one of the legendary music venues of the city which has recently been re-opened. We also have various after-parties planned in other clubs/ performance venues across the city for the 2 days.

Musically, what is the sound and style of City Sessions? What informed it, how did you decide who to book?
As the name would suggest Future Theory stands for bold, edgy & cutting edge style of dance music! Something maybe a bit wonky & offbeat from the usual what’s being played out in India but we love the challenge. Its great to be able to introduce newer styles of techno or authentic UK Bass to the local audience and for the most part people are receptive to it.

Who is it aimed at? Locals as well as internationals? Is diversity important?
Our last event had people traveling from all over the country to attend the event. Surprisingly their was a huge bunch of international travellers as well who attended the event. This edition as well we are expecting pretty much a mix of the same.

What have been the hardest things to get right, what have been the biggest challenges?
Hardest part is to convince people to buy tickets for a line-up where most of the names on the line-up isn’t familiar to the local audience, at least not to the wider audience.

And what’s most important about the series, what do you want to be revered for?
Continuing to evolve as an experience and stick to our ideology.

What are you most looking forward to about it?
Listening to some of the guys on the line-up and reaction of the audience to someone like a Pangaea?

What do you hope will be the legacy of City Sessions? How do you think it will improve the scene going forwards?
Well Legacy is a big word. But we would surely hope people remember this event for being as epic – hopefully even more than our debut edition, last year! We are positive that events like this will surely open up the scene in a big way to a whole new kind of sound which we are pushing.

Future Theory take place on November 18th and 19th in Mumbai, India

18 – 19 November | Future Theory: City Sessions | Tickets | Razzberry Rhinoceros, Mumbai