Go back in time to the golden age of UK Garage with subculture photography legend Ewan Spencer.

Having made a career documenting everything from Miami spring breakers to London skaters, Spencer also was also at the forefront of the burgeoning UK grime and garage scenes. In his book UKG, Spencer documents his time in the back alleys of Vauxhall with a collection of intimate photographs, many of which will be on display at London’s Photographer’s Gallery as part of the show We Want More: Image Making and Music in the 21st Century, described as “an exhibition exploring the relationship between image-production and music“.

Check out some of the photos in all their sweaty glory below.

We Want More: Image Making and Music in the 21st Century is on show from Friday 17 July – 20 September, 2015 at London’s The Photographer’s Gallery.

Source: Dazed