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[Playlist] Premiesku’s London Warehouse Underground

Romanian duo Livio & Roby’s, together with George G, Premiesku crosses diverse inspirations and moods, breeding a genuine, recognizable sound. Driving and energetic solid grooves are fused with a plethora of colours and sonic twists, ranging from Balkan cultural heritage to surreal theatre landing their productions on influential labels such as Desolat, Cecille, Apollonia and All In. But, aside from the productions, Premiesku is a a dynamic live act carving out an individualized analog environment of machines, tailormade for each member’s respective role. Premiesku will be at fabric this Saturday, 25 March, heading up Room 2 with 20/20 Vision, alongside ... Read more

Premiere + Interview: Premiesku – Altitude (Original Mix)

Premiesku is the acclaimed mutual project from Romanian pals, Livio & Roby and George G – a unique live experience, having gained enormous accolades from many party heads, acclaimed music professionals and opinion leaders. As virtuoso audio engineers, the trio intelligently structure their (sometimes) heterogeneous ideas into powerful and dynamic compositions that catch the heart, the body and the mind of listeners. Compact “four to the floor” patterns, inspired with classic deep house, Detroit techno and tech house are switched up and deconstructed, resulting in a hypnotic brew. Driving and energetic solid grooves are fused with a plethora of colors ... Read more