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DHL Mix #131 By Karizma

Karizma is an award winning International DJ and electronic music producer/artist from Baltimore, known for his wide spectrum of deep house, deep techno, hip hop, jazz and broken beats. With over 25 years in the game, the acclaimed artist’s productions and remixes have appeared on labels like Yoruba, R2, Basement Boys, Hyperdub, Defected, Ovum Recordings, Objektivity, Soul Heaven and many more. In fact, ever since 1995’s ‘Feel The Power’ 12′′, he has carved out a hugely successful career, making music that is hooky and immediate enough to appeal to a commercial audience without compromising its underground attitude. Recently, Karizma hooked ... Read more

Premiere: Phil Gerus – All Pleasures, All Pains (Original Mix)

Phil Gerus is a natural musical talent who oozes sound from every pore. Fusing together cassette pop, house, soul, r&b and funk, his sounds are effortless but hugely emotive and have come on labels like Sonar Kolkektiv, ManMakeMusic, Futureboogie, Madtech and Bastard Jazz before now. Growing up in Moscow, Phil studied classical piano and was heavily influenced by his parents’ music tastes, including jazz records of Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, and Keith Jarrett, and it is these classy vibes that permeate his own creations. Phil has played around the world at leading clubs like Japan’s Dommune and many hotspots in ... Read more