Two years ago, photographers Vincent Voiginer and Barbara Bernardi set out to document revellers at the infamous techno chapel Berghain.

With the club’s notoriously strict no camera policy (not to mention, it’s equally strict door policy), such a project would actually be much more difficult than it sounds. So, what the duo queued clubbers in all states of (dis)repair on their way out, posing against a chain link backdrop where, hours (perhaps days) earlier, they had been in queue anticipating their possible attendance.

The project, which is entitled Nachtgestalten (aka Creatures of the Night), is a documentary essay, with the below stills acting as part of its bigger picture. Shot on a large format film camera, the crystal clear photos “are proof to the manifold facets of Berlin’s club culture”.

Of Berghain, and his subjects, Voiginer says, “In Berghain you can meet people from all walks of life and sartorial tastes, from the young to the less young. They were tired from a night devoted to dancing but enjoyed posing for the camera all the same”.

For more information on the project, find it all at Voiginer’s website

Source: Chase The Compass