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Full Premieres are deep house and house tracks premiering exclusively on our channel

Premiere: ODD1 - Rumors (Original Mix)

Musumeci and Dodi Palese present the second volume of Engrave Ltd’s various artists collection featuring nine cuts of deepness. Here, Dodi Palese’ side project ODD1 brings the highly in demand ‘Rumors’ as today’s exclusive premiere. The track has been played out continuously by the likes of Âme for some months now and finally sees its release via “Engrave LTD Vol. 2”. “Engrave LTD Vol. 2” is available 2 March on Engrave Ltd

Premiere: Principleasure - Komply (Original Mix)

Widely lauded as one of the releases of last year, Los Angeles based producer Principleasure follows his run of themed EPs with “Principleasure III”. Recorded between LA and Berlin’s Handwerk Studios, every track features his trademark selection of analogue synthesisers, tracked and mixed solely in the analogue domain. Seen as a middle ground between dystopian soundtrack and dancefloor centred slo-electro grooves, Principleasure III will be his final sequential EP release before unleashing his debut album in the summer of 2018. “Principleasure III” is OUT TODAY on Principleasure

Premiere: Motip White - Kantera Cruise (Original Mix)

Motip White is known for his eclectic, wide range, mixed Techno and House – DJ Sets and so perfectly represents his label, Dorfjungs. His tracks have been featured by Barnt in Tsugi Magazine and right here on Deep House Amsterdam. After playing in different countries in Europe he made his first overseas Tour to Toronto and Vancouver in 2017. In March he comes along with his brand new release the “Waggons” EP, off which we premiere ‘Kantera Cruise’. “Waggons” is available 2 March on Dorfjungs

Premiere: Emilie Nana - I Rise (Danny Krivit Extended Vocal Dub Edit)

A year after releasing her debut album “The Meeting Legacy,” Emilie Nana returns with a stunning new single, reciting the poem “Still I Rise” by American civil rights activist, Maya Angelou. A reflection of Emilie’s metamorphosis, ‘I Rise’ makes the listener witness her transformation from a state of chrysalide to butterfly – a synonym for self assertion, with Emilie’s levitating voice bewitching you like a great priestess. Here, Danny Krivit, a true legend whose role as a mastermind in NYC nightlife, unquestioned for more than 45 years at the forefront of the international dance music scene, draws a carefully edited ... Read more

Video Premiere: AKKAN - Bananat (Original Mix)

AKKAN is the Barcelona based production partnership between prolific natives BeGun and Ocellot. They came together after a magic mushroom psychotropic journey in the Kalahari Desert and that is reflected in their sounds which build on idiosyncratic and trippy melodies and ethnic rhythms. ‘Bananat’ is a brilliantly organic and natural deep house track with bird calls and loose grooves unfolding like a hot summer’s day in the jungle. Waify synths drift by, distant whistles come in and out and hulking great drums get you moving. “Bananat” is NOW AVAIALBLE on La Belle Records BUY

Premiere: Speaking Minds & Amarcord - Odissea (Original Mix)

Following his epic “Space Teleportation” on the label, Speaking Minds returns to Alex Niggeman’s AEON with his first EP in over a year. Teaming up with newcomer Italian talent Amarcord, the entire EP is a vacation from the senses that kicks off with today’s exclusive premiere ‘Odissea’. It is a track that more than lives up to its name as an odyssey enshrouded with mystic melodic clouds; one of those tracks that diverts to places unknown without realising before bringing you back into reality. “Odissea” is available 23 February on Aeon

Premiere: Some Chemistry - The Tofu Drama (Original Mix)

9th volume in the Riviera Disco series with Donald Dust from the UK, Franz Scala from Germany, Forklift And Saw from Italy and Some Chemistry from Holland. “Riviera Disco Vol 9” is available soon on Bordello A Parigi

Premiere: Iñigo Vontier - B1 (Original Mix)

Iñigo Vontier’s journey with music begins in the early 2000s with a cheap machine drum in his bedroom. His releases are full of cosmic sounds and rough beats with releases on many international labels so far such as Turbo Recordings, Correspondant, Her Majestys Ship, Lumiere Noire and My Favorite Robot just to name a few. In the last years he has been climbing in the international scene with support by artists like Solomun, Dixon, Chloe, Tiga, Maceo Plex, Ame, as well as a Red Axes collaboration. This past year, Iñigo Vontier also started his own label alongside Thomass Jackson called ... Read more

Premiere: Wild Dark - I'll Wait (Original Mix)

With two decades of experience behind them, Wild Dark takes on contemporary song-writing and gives it a unique, thoughtful, modern-take using a wide spectrum of electronic music. The duo, comprised of brothers Corey & Ryan Negrin, stray from cold digital samples in favour of a warmer approach, allowing them to merge House, Techno and natural vocal work into a soulful yet charming process. Now, the brothers debut on trueColors with “Then After” EP, which features collaborations with Alex Who?, as well as a Superlounge remix. Here, ‘I’ll Wait’ brings our bohemian flavour to shine, a track that’s comfortable being played ... Read more

Premiere: ARTBAT & Dino Lenny - Sand In Your Shoes (Original Mix)

In February 2018, ARTBAT are bringing their first full EP release to Diynamic Music with the three-tracker “Planeta”. Closing off the EP, and today’s exclusive premiere, is ‘Sand In Your Shoes’ featuring London based artist Dino Lenny, who has previously worked with Wu-Tang Clan, Underworld, Missy Elliot and Timbaland. This collab is a dreamy Deep-House tune and a perfectly emotive way to finish the record. “Planeta” is available 9 February on Diynamic Music

Premiere: Denis Horvat - Natural Causes (Original Mix)

The Copenhagen-based Denis Horvat debuts on Afterlife Recordings with “Modelo”, a three-track EP charged with spritely synth lines and charisma. Here, and ending the record, is ‘Natural Causes’, an entrancing trip through dreamy arpeggios that grooves up-and-down, taking the dancers with it proving vital in the sets of label owners Tale Of Us and and now see the light of day to continue the theme. “Modelo” is available 9 February on Afterlife Recordings

Premiere: Ashtar Lavanda - Marfa Lights (Original Mix)

Back in 2014, Ultramajic’s Jimmy Edgar received information about an East Detroit storage unit containing vintage recording equipment and historical items of Detroit Techno. Out of the, at least 1000, vinyl records and some miscellaneous recording equipment, Jimmy came into the possession of over 100 DAT and 1/4” reel tapes. One box contained meticulously dated tapes from 1995 -1998 with sharpie inscription “ASHTAR LAVANDA”. After nearly two years, Jimmy and Ultramajic managed to connect with Ashtar and now presents the music to you. With the release of “Unsolved Mysteries,” and upcoming musical archives, Ashtar will be known as one of ... Read more

Premiere: Marlon Hoffstadt - Pure Awareness (Original Mix)

On the second edition on his Midnight Themes imprint, Marlon Hoffstadt touches on Acid, Proto-Trance and Jacking House across three tracks. Fresh off releases on Hot Haus, Ransom Note Records and his own Retrograde, Marlon is reemerging as a defiant staple of dancefloors far and wide. With his newest release, he encourages listeners to engage with the music without the interferences of 21st century life. “Themes From My Future Self” is available 9 February on Midnight Themes PRE ORDER

Premiere: TYU - Girasol (Curses Tuff Stuff Remix)

Tyu, the rising producer currently based in Mérida (MX) is back on Duro. Here, the Berlin based producer Curses comes right after the poetic original with two formidable takes filled with energy; different stamina, equally effective. “Girasol” is available 8 February on Duro PRE ORDER

Premiere: beGun - Dharavi (Original Mix)

Nazca Records was created to collect the music and art that Viracochas (beings of other worlds), shared with the ancient Nazca people, known for their love for music, dance and nature. Here, beGun a Viracocha, thanks the Nazca people with his journey Nazca Records EP; a chapter narrated through 2 original songs that are completed by 2 remixes – the first one by the magic Viracocha El Búho, and the second by Viracochas Klik & Frik. “Slums Ep Part 1” is available 5 February on Nazca Records