Rebolledo’s Where To Keep Your Keys While Miami Partying Playlist

Published On 12/04/2017 | News

What began as a remote two-day event during last year’s Art Basel, is back for the second time to a scenic, lush, secluded area of the pristine Virginia Key Beach, Miami.

On Sunday, April 16, Where Are My Keys: Spring Edition will bring music lovers will be able to descend on a relatively unexplored section of Miami’s vast natural landscape, and all set to the soundtrack of some of the world’s most innovative DJs. Amongst those performing will be the mastermind behind Life and DeathDJ Tennis, as well as the psychedelic-electronic music of Red Axes, rounded out by Hippie Dance‘s Rebolledo.

For 12 hours, these three artists will take guests on a journey through the vibrant colors and infectious music, courtesy of Electric Pickle Company in partnership with Carlos Llanos and PL0T. Here, Rebolledo preps the Easter musical getaway with, not only, his 5 ultimate Miami selections, but also provides the very necessary public service announcement – where to keep YOUR keys while partying!

Miami Vice Theme

My first Miami related memories come from TV… The white sports cars, the sunglasses, the flashy looks in pastel colors, and of course the action music… All of them aesthetics I really enjoy…

Red Axes feat. Abrão – Caminho De Dreyfus – Rebolledo Remix

Few things are nicer than playing in an event with cool friends, which is totally the case of this party. My friendship with the Red Axes guys was marked by this remix I did for them some years ago… still a favorite and still in my repertoire…

Pachanga Boys – Legs

The temperature is rising, the mood is set, let´s light up the dance floor… Let´s set some legs on fire…

Joakim – On The Beach (Superpitcher Remix)

A personal favorite of mine and Dj Tennis… Superpitcher´s rework on Joakim´s reinterpretation of Neil Young… On the Beach… In this case… MIAMI BEACH.

Beloved – Sweet Harmony (Tennis Maxi Edit)

As I said before… A great happening can only take place with the right mix of friends, place and music…A great time to COME TOGETHER… IN SWEET HARMONY…

Were To Leave My Keys While Partying!?!?!?!?!?!

1. Girlfriend´s purse… Nothing better than giving the responsibility to someone else…
2. Beach or pool situation????…. Tie them with a knot in my swimsuit… pockets are not safe enough…
3. Party in the desert?… Hide them in your bike… pray that nobody finds them… pray that you find your bike…
4. Partying outta town??… I´m old school… I leave them at the front desk… (old school hotel with old school keys)
5. TRUST… Leave them hanging from the keyhole… they´ll be there when you´re back…


16 April | Where Are My Keys: Spring Edition | Tickets | Virginia Key Beach, Miami

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