London’s Studio 338, a mix of club and art space, has recently released their upcoming plans for the Spring. The events so far look dashing, with fine institutions such as Visionquest, Sankeys and Half Baked Records hosting parties. The long list of acts to play features the likes of Ellen Allien, Steve Lawler, Matthew Dear, Juan Atkins, Fred P, Delano Smith and the mysterious ItaloJohnson.

Studio 338, resided in Londons Greenwich Peninsula, combines art and music with a huge terrace area. Interestingly enough, the terrace is usable also throughout the winter as the area is covered. Packing three different areas, Studio 338 is really putting the area into good use, with a prime set of events planned for the spring season. With parties ranging from full blown nighttime madness, to more laidback Sunday daytime festivities, Studio 338 is set to become known as one of the must-visit-clubs of the UK.

Partying on a terrace during the winter sounds like just the type of juxtaposition that is needed during the long and dark months. Accompanied by awesome acts offering great music, this mixture is something that calls for celebrations. Luckily, each weekend at Studio 338 offers just that. For more info on the upcoming events, check Studio 338 on Resident Advisor with all the events nicely in order.

Maybe we’ll need to take a trip or two to the UK during the Spring…

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