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First Wireless Turntable Hyper-Connects Your Music With The World

Further blurring the lines between analogue and digital (if you’re into that kind of thing) coms TRNTBL. Developed by the equally consonant-less US record subscription service VNYL, the TRNTBL is a wireless, smart record player meant to play music, identify tracks, and look stylish while doing so. Billed as the first ‘internet of things’ (I’ve heard the term before but, honestly, Im too lazy to research what exactly that means) record player, TRNTBL can identify the vinyl playing in real time and share it on social media or add it to your Spotify stream. Additionally, the wireless component allows TRNTBL ... Read more

The Smart Speaker That Talks Back

Billed as a smart speaker or, as the company puts it, “the first music player that thinks”, the Aether Cone has the ability to listen for requests, pick up on your habits, and learn your musical tastes. Though officially launched a year ago, the company’s recent voice command upgrade now allows users to hold a dialogue with the machine.  You can now ask the Cone what music is playing, get confirmation on a command, or identify which Cone is which if your home contains multiple units.  Prior to the upgrade, the Cone supported voice control but with the new dialogue feature, Aether hopes to ... Read more