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Staff Caught Taking XTC On The Job At Australian Nightclub

There doesn’t seem to be an end to the amount of drug-excess stories coming in from Australia. The Imperial Hotel in Erskineville, Australia, was forced to temporarily close by the police this weekend after it was found that staff of the nightclub, situated in the hotel, were taking XTC on the job. “The police raided the hotel on Saturday night and charged two staff members with taking XTC while serving drinks to guests” On Friday, The Office of Liquor, Gaming, and Racing carried out a targeted operation last weekend after the Imperial Hotel’s nightclub, ‘The Spice Cellar’, had been reported ... Read more

Multiple Drug Overdoses Force Australian Boat Rave To End Early

Last Sunday a boat party in Gold Coast, Australia was cut short in the afternoon when an alleged ‘liquid fantasy’ (GHB) drug binge by various visitors ended in overdoses and other complications, leaving at least two men hospitalized. This is now the second time the organization behind the event, ‘Dirty Funken Beats’ has made the news after its visitors were rushed to hospital after irresponsible drug behaviour during one of their parties.  After a Good Friday event back in April, DFB made headlines in Australia when six people were rushed to hospital – one person was in a coma while ... Read more