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Man Edits Wikipedia Page of DJs To Get Backstage At Their Show

Everybody’s been there (or otherwise saw it happen): trying to sneak past security with a made up story of how well you know the DJ or his/her crew in order to get to that most wondrous place: the backstage area. So how far did you ever go to make it there? We bet that using Wikipedia as a backstage entry ticket never came to most people’s minds.  Well, one David Spargo actually edited the Wikipedia page of Peking Duk, a well-known Australian DJ duo, to his advantage: by including a couple of sentences that made it seem as if he was a close relative of the ... Read more

Motor City Drum Ensemble goes Backstage

A unique artist is visiting our town tonight. He was born and raised in southern Germany and resides in the Netherlands at the moment. In a few years he has grown into one of the finest and most wanted DJs and producers out there. He toured the entire world it seems, with his signature sound being in high demand across all borders and continents. We’re talking about Motor City Drum Ensemble, and tonight he’s back in Amsterdam for a night Backstage. In the flooded marketplace of DJs, very few have been able to earn so much respect from both the ... Read more