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Booker Trolled Hilariously After Texting Wrong Person To DJ At Club

A club in Leeds has made a stupid and hilarious mistake, after taking a guy named Danny James Elliott for a DJ with the same name who they wanted to offer a residency. After texting the wrong Danny James Elliott, the prankster plays along like a pro, however, trolling the booker in a string of texts that get more and more ridiculous as their online conversation progresses. At one point, the non-DJ provides the booker with his ‘rider’, asking for pyrotechnics and foxes on stage, while proclaiming he’s just had a tab of acid. But even that doesn’t make the booker realise ... Read more

Ryanair Selling Flight Tickets For €19.85 To Celebrate 30th Anniversary

Bookers around the world rejoice! Ryanair, the budget airline known for its bottom prices and nihilistic flight service, has just announced to sell 1mln flight tickets from and to each on of its destinations for a mere €19.85 per ticket. That means a very, very sharp discount for flying in that international act to your club or festival event. The airline’s celebrating its 30th anniversary this week and have launched the stunt yesterday to pull in some extra attention on its three decade existence. The sale started at exactly 0.01am on Wednesday the 8th and it will close on Sunday ... Read more