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‘Disco Grocery Shopping’ To Host New Edition In Berlin

Remember the news we brought back in April about a crazy idea that became reaility: to transform a regular supermarket into a disco for one night, including dance floor, DJs, professional lighting spectacles (together with the store’s manager who was having the time of his life amidst the crazy crowd)? After the first edition’s incredible success – both in reaction from its visitors and the amount of media coverage that followed – Disco Boodschappen, or ‘Disco Grocery Shopping’ is going to be making its way to the heart of Germany for a brand new edition of their event, only this time in Berlin. The Amsterdam-based ... Read more

Disco Grocery Shopping in Amsterdam

Only in Amsterdam people can turn a grocery store into a disco. Last weekend you were able to rollerskate to Disco music between banana’s and toiletpaper. Disco Grocery Shopping (Disco Boodschappen) was born. Last Friday a supermarket in Amsterdam was turned into a roller disco for one night. What started as a joke turned into the best party any convenience store has ever seen. It all started in 2012 when a student posted a note on a pinboard at a big supermarket chain asking if it’s possible to organise “disco shopping” for an hour once a week. The note went viral, gained attention all over ... Read more