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10 Unmissable Dutch Summer Festivals

Summer festival season in The Netherlands may be the world’s most competitive. With countless events of all descriptions spread across genre, venue, city, and style, finding which ones bring the best experience may be a daunting task. For every mainstream showcase likes Mysteryland there exists a slew where experience, curation, and diversity take precedent over gaudiness and numbers. Here, we look at 10 of the festivals we think are best representing the country in these terms. Spanning multiple cities throughout the country, these are 10 events where occurring from June through September. Stay tuned for our final summer festival list ... Read more

DHA Mix # 310 By Will Oirson

Tracklist 1. Optic – Relic 2. Linkwood – Love Lost 3. Elmo Crumb – I Man A Canary Bird 4. Lena Platonos – Lego (Lena Willikens Remix) 5. Octa Octa – Hidden Truth 6. Q3A – Untitled B2 7. Maizena – Especial (Midtby Mixet) 8. Leif – Every Cloud 9. The Pilotwings – Congo Libre 10. Basic Soul Unit – Joyride 11. Leif – Moment Beat 12. Hekkla – Lichtstad 13. Randomer – Rendell Pips