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PIV Presents Podcast By Ben Rau

German and Ghanaian Ben Rau is blessed with the best of both cultures and the combination of influences from his forefathers permeates into his music. Ben’s connection with dancefloors runs deep, having immediately been invited as resident at Enzo Siragusa’s first party, ultimately leading to the residency at Enzo’s Internationally renowned FUSE events. Now, as 2017 draws to a close, the now Berlin-based, Ben Rau’s focus is on his labels Inkal and Meta, as well as his residency with FUSE. Here, Ben brings a special edition podcast as PIV Presents…BEN RAU!

Mix #119 By Ferro

Minimal or Dub House are words that are scarcely heard around the clubbing scene in Amsterdam but Ferro – an Amsterdam local – managed in the past couple of years to skirt  around the commonalities and weld those terms increasingly onto the lips of Dutch clubbers. A funny fact is that before Deep House Amsterdam existed, Ferro lived together with our founder and got him more into the music scene. So maybe without Ferro, there would be no DHA?  With a scorching elation towards classical music since the age of 17, Ferro stretched the limitations of classical music and began exploring ... Read more